5 programs to study in tertiary for quick employment after graduation in Ghana

5 programs to study in tertiary for quick employment after graduation in Ghana

The world is fast changing every day, new innovations are on the rise, and jobs that may not be regarded as professional jobs back in the day are even paying off more than the recognized mainstream ones in the job markets today. Unfortunately, most of our universities have not been able to adjust their programs to produce graduates that match up with some of these new professions.

Most high school graduates who are eager to go to universities also lack the career guidance they need to make informed decisions on selecting a program to study at the tertiary level. What I have also observed is, most of the high school students who did not perform well in their exams also prefer going in for programs that have low admission requirements because they want to be in the university to complement the fact that they are not being left behind their peers, while not considering whether there are jobs available after school for their programs of study.

As a person who once runs a job board website, I present this list of programs that guarantee a very high rate of graduate jobs available after graduation in Ghana.

5. BSc. Food Science and Technology:

The fifth position is a program that has to do with food. It’s no doubt that food is essential in our daily lives and all our daily toils boil down to the fact that we can have food on our table every day. The food science and technology program teaches innovative ways to preserve, package and create food products that we see in our markets like biscuits, neat-fufu, noodles etc. Food will always be in demand once there is human existence so taking a program in this field is a no brainer when it comes to getting a job after school. Graduates who may graduate from the food science and technology program may end up working in places like the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Nestle, Olam Ghana, Promasidor just to mention a few.

4.  Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Number four on our list is electrical and electronic engineering. Electricity has become a necessity in our homes, offices and almost everywhere one can imagine. A day without electricity is like a life without air for most people especially when most of your work depends on having electricity. Graduates with electrical engineering skills can be found in almost every company like shipping firms, mining industries, banks etc. Jobs for electrical graduates are not going anywhere anytime soon and will be a good program of study for any student entering the university today.

3. Nursing & Midwifery

No doubt our health as humans on earth depends on health workers. They may serve as mechanics for the human body just like you will take your car to the fitting shop in case of any fault. Once our health is not guaranteed forever, then we will always fall on nurses and health workers in times of any health instabilities. Studying a program in nursing or midwifery should guarantee a graduate a job after school since humans fall sick every passing day and health facilities are always employing nurses to help cater for the high number of patients trooping in every day. On the other hand, thousands of Babies are being delivered every hour and the main people in charge of this are midwives. Studying nursing or midwifery is a move in the right direction and I will always encourage students with interest in this program to pursue it not just because of the passion but also there is a higher guarantee of a job after school.

2. Computer Science:

The second position on this list is computer science. No doubt we are in the information age and a lot of our daily activities are always been carried out online such as sending emails, banking, social media etc. with either our phone or a PC. Graduates who studied computer science and related programs can work arguably in every field in this country ranging from telecom industries, banking, health, education, security etc.

Most companies over the years have switched from the traditional ways of doing business to using computers for their day to day tasks. Because of this, there has been a high demand for graduates with expertise in the field of computing. The more companies adopt using computers to carry out their activities, the more the demand for persons with computing skills to manage and protect their data and computer gadgets used by their employees, building custom applications etc.

The information technology industry in the past five years have skyrocketed and we have witnessed a high demand for graduates with computer-related certificates. My advice for students who intend to study this program should not hesitate at all but hey, this course has a completive cut-off point especially in the public universities and also not an easy ride in the park studying this program but worth the effort in the long run.

1. Medicine:

It is no surprise medicine makes it to the number one spot on this list. Everything happening around us today is a result of the hard work that was put in by healthy persons. Our days get ruined instantly when we wake in a sick body and the only people that have the tendency to come to our aid are doctors. Irrespective of one’s profession or position, it will be a tough one when you get sick and there is no doctor to attend to you. The demand for doctors will forever be in demand so far as we fall sick as humans. Falling sick isn’t a choice either since one can fall sick at anytime and anywhere and the more reason why there are numerous job vacancies available for medical graduates.

Did your favourite program of study make it to this list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Please don’t forget this list was put together as a result of research conducted from running a job board website. As a result, these were the programs that had a high chunk of vacancies from employers in the job market. This list is not about the best programs or whatsoever but about programs that have higher job vacancies in the market. Also, remember a program may be the best but may not have many vacancies available in the job market. Finally, my advice to students entering into tertiary institutions is they should consider other factors that surround us as a country before enrolling in some of these programs in school. For example, a program in port and shipping management may be a very good program of study, but first ask yourself how many ports and harbours are available in our country not forgetting the bureaucracy in the public sector, maybe unless you have the connections or do not intend to work in the country after your graduation.

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