CP2 KNEC Portal

CP2 KNEC Portal

Access the CP2 KNEC Portal and log in with your username and password to apply for the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) Contracted Professional Jobs. Interested persons may apply for the positions of KNEC Examiners, Clerks, Invigilators, etc.

First time applicants are required to register for a new CP2 account and complete their profile with all the required details before they begin the application process.

About the KNEC CP2 Portal

The Contracted Professionals System (CP2) is an integrated electronic system to automate the management of officers who are recruited to assist KNEC in administering the examinations.

The main aim of the system is to ensure that KNEC captures correct, accurate and timely details of all the personnel who are involved in the supervision, invigilation and management of examinations.

The system complements the current declarations forms that are signed and filled by all the personnel involved. In addition, contracted professionals data requested is stored in a central database for ease of management.

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KNEC CP2 Registration Process

As a first time contracted professional applicant, you will be required to create a KNEC CP2 account with your details on the KNEC CP2 portal in order to access the KNEC examiners portal resources. Follow these steps to create your account;

  • Visit the KNEC CP2 Portal URL via www.cp2.knec.ac.ke
  • Click the link Create Account link
  • Enter your mobile number (Eg. 254782145628)
  • Enter the same number to confirm your input
  • Click the  Create Account button
  • An SMS will be sent to your phone with a username and password
  • Log into the CP2 Portal with the username and password to complete your registration process

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 KNEC CP2 Job Application Process for Contracted Professional

Applicants who have successfully created their KNEC CP2 account with a completed profile can proceed to apply for the positions of examiner, clerk, invigilator, etc with these guidelines;

vacancies are grouped for selection based on the specific examination, activity type, duty station, position/ designation (role), county and sub-county.

  • Click on the Vacancies and Assignments menu link
  • Select the type of examination for your job application. (Eg. KCPE, KCSE)
  • Select the activity that you will be overseeing. (Eg. Supervision and Invigilation )
  • Select the venue of the activity. E.g. Examination centre, distribution centre
  • Select your preferred role (Eg. Centre Manager, Invigilator, Clerk)
  • Select the County where the activity will take place. (Eg. Kisii, Baringo, Narok)
  • Select the specific sub-county within the county that you selected
  • Click the search button to display the available jobs based on your selection
  • Click on a job that interests you and read the job description
  • Click on the submit button application button to complete the application process

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How to Reset KNEC CP2 Account Password

To reset your KNEC CP2 portal account password you have to SMS password to shortcode 22262. A new password will be sent to your phone. Use the password received to login into the CP2 System.


  • Payments will only be made to officers who have submitted their details through the platform.
  • Contracted professionals should keep the details submitted up to date by login into the system to update where necessary. E.g. Change of workplace, title or role, academic and professional qualification where need be.
  • Contracted professionals should always login into the system to apply for job vacancies available for each examination they are involved in.

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KNEC Contact Information

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