Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship 2024. Ghana, a culturally vibrant and economically thriving country in West Africa, offers the possibility of dual citizenship to individuals who meet specific criteria. Dual citizenship allows you to maintain legal connections with both Ghana and another country, providing numerous benefits such as expanded travel opportunities, access to two different countries’ rights and privileges, and the ability to participate in both nations’ social and economic life. In this post, we will explore the process and requirements for applying for dual citizenship in Ghana.

Eligibility Requirements for a Dual Citizenship

To be eligible for dual citizenship in Ghana, you must meet specific criteria, these requirements include

Ghanaian Citizenship

You must be a Ghanaian citizen by birth, descent, or naturalization. If you are applying for Ghanaian citizenship, you must fulfill the requirements outlined in the Ghanaian Citizenship Act

Residence in Ghana

You must have resided in Ghana for a continuous period of at least five years before the submission of your dual citizenship application

Be of Good Character

You must demonstrate good character, meaning that they should not have any criminal records or associations that would pose a threat to the security and welfare of Ghana

Requirements for Application

  1. Application for registration as a dual citizen, addressed to the Hon. Minister for the Interior
  2. Purchase of Dual Citizenship Form 10 at the Ministry of the Interior or our Diplomatic Missions abroad
  3. Copies of bio-data page of both Ghanaian and foreign passports
  4. Four (4) recent passport sized photographs
  5. Copy of naturalization certificate from foreign country

For children born outside Ghana, the following are also required

  1. Copy of Birth Certificate
  2. Copy of Ghanaian parent’s passport
  3. Copy of bio-data page of child’s Ghanaian and foreign passport

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In the case of local applications,

Payment of processing fee (to be paid after the process has been completed)

Time Frame for Application Processing

One (1) Month (After receipt of duly completed form)

How to Replace Dual Citizenship Cards

  1. Write an application letter
  2. Get police report (state the reason for your request for replacement)
  3. Photocopy of Dual Citizenship card/certificate
  4. Payment of processing fee
  5. Two (2) recent passport sized photographs

Fees and Charges for Dual Citizenship Application

Dual Citizenship Application Form 10 – GH₵500.00

Processing Fee – GH₵100.00 (to be paid after the processing has been completed)

No citizen of Ghana shall qualify to be appointed as a holder of any office specified in this section if he holds the citizenship of any other country in addition to his citizenship of Ghana

  • Chief Justice and Justices of Supreme Court
  • Ambassador or High Commissioner
  • Secretary to the Cabinet
  • Chief of Defence Staff
  • Inspector-General of Police
  • Commissioner, Customs Excise and Preventive Service
  • Director of Immigration Service
  • Commissioner, Value Added Tax Service
  • Director-General, Prisons Service
  • Chief Fire Officer
  • Minister or Deputy Minister
  • Chief Director of Ministry
  • A rank of Colonel in the army or its equivalent in other security services; and
  • Any other public offices that the Minister for the Interior may by legislative instrument prescribe

Contact for Ministry of the Interior

The Hon. Minister
Ministry of the Interior
P. O. Box M42,

E-mail: [email protected]

Digital AddressGA-111-5377

Front Desk:
+(233) 302 68 44 21
+(233) 302 66 26 88
+(233) 302 68 44 07

Public Affairs & Communication Unit:
+(233) 299 01 59 34
+(233) 299 01 53 52
+(233) 299 10 18 96

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