Fido Money Lending

Fido Money Lending

Fido Money Lending. The fido loan app is a money lending app developed by Fido Company limited which allows individuals to register and apply for instant loan services online. Users can download the fido mobile app for android and iOS platforms or use the fido money lending short code to request loans.

Download the fido loan app

You can download the Fido loan app by visiting the Google Play Store and searching Fido loan app. Visit the iOS app store to download the Fido loan app for iPhone.

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How to Create a Fido money lending account

You can register for a fido loan account on your phone using the following steps

  • Download and install the fido loan app
  • Open the app and enter your phone number
  • An sms will be sent to your phone for confirmation
  • Enter  a unique 4 digits PIN which you will use to login to the app
  • Choose a security question from the list of questions and provide your answer
  • Submit your Ghana Card, Address, and take a selfie within the fido loan app to verify your identity
  • Congratulations, your account will be created in a few minutes

Fido money lending login

You can log into your fido loan app after installing and creating an account on the app.

  1. Open the Fido loan app
  2. Enter your username and pin
  3. Click on the login button
  4. Wait for the app to authenticate and redirect you to your account

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How to borrow fido money

you can borrow money from fido money using the following steps

  • Download and Install the FIDO app on your phone
  • Fill out the loan application in the app to apply.
  • Immediately after your application is successfully received, you will get the money instantly
  • Repay on time and you will receive a larger loan amount for your next loan.

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Fido money lending shortcode

You can access the Fido loan on your phone by dialing the shortcode *711*666#

MTN Shortcode for fido loan

  1. Dial *170# on your phone
  2. Select option 2 for MoMopay & Pay bills
  3. Select option 2 for Pay bills
  4. Select 5 for General Payment
  5. Enter Payment code: Fido
  6. Enter the loan repayment amount
  7. Input your reference code
  8. Enter your Mobile Money Pin Code

Fido Money Official Contact Information

Kindly get in touch with Fido via [email protected] or call customer support on 0242436885.

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