How to Calculate BECE Grades

How to Calculate BECE Grades

BECE Grading System. The new BECE grading system allows candidates WAEC to apply standardized measurements of varying levels of achievement in every subject at the basic education level in Ghana. In BECE, A nine-point numerical scale is used in grading the candidates with Grade 1 denoting the highest performance and Grade 9 the lowest. Let us look at subjects written in BECE, the new BECE grading scale from WAEC and how to calculate BECE results.

BECE Subjects

The following subjects are to be taken by all candidates seated for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)

  • English Language
  • Ghanaian Language and Culture
  • Social Studies
  • Integrated Science
  • Mathematics
  • Basic Design and Technology
  • Religious & Moral Education
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • French (optional)

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BECE Grading System Interpretation

The new grading system for BECE Grades and their respective marks
  1. 90-100 score was grade 1, which is now GRADE A+ with a comment as HIGHEST 
  2. 80-89 score was grade 2, which is now GRADE A with a comment as HIGHER
  3. 70-79 score was grade 3, and Grade B+ with a comment as HIGH
  4. 60 -69 score was grade 4, and GRADE B with a comment as HIGH AVERAGE
  5. 55 – 60 score was grade 5 which is now GRADE C+,  with a comment as AVERAGE
  6. 50-54 score was grade 6 which is now GRADE C with a comment as Low AVERAGE
  7. 40-49 score was grade 7 which is now  GRADE D+ with a comment as Low
  8. 35-39 score was grade 8 which is now GRADE E with a comment as Lower
  9. 0-34 score was grade 9 which is now GRADE F, with a comment as Lowest

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How to Calculate BECE Grades

The best grade in BECE is aggregate six(6) and the ending grade is aggregate thirty(30)

  1. The BECE Grades are calculated using the 6 best subjects from your BECE results.
  2. The 3 best core subjects (Maths, English, Inter-Science or Social) and your 3 best elective subjects, Mathematics and English are compulsory core subjects. So you should select either science or social studies when calculating.

Below is an example of a candidate’s BECE grades. We will use these grades as an example for calculating our BECE results.

BECE Grades

  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE           3
  • SOCIAL STUDIES                    1
  • REL.& MORAL EDUC.            1
  • MATHEMATICS                       4
  • INFO. & COMM.TECH.           2
  • FRENCH                                     2
  • B.D.T./HOME ECONS.            4

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How To Calculate BECE Results

  1. Select the best core from English, Mathematics, and Social Studies  = 3+4+1 = 8
  2. Select the 3 best elective subjects ( RME, ICT and French ) =1 +2+2 = 5
  3. Now, add your scores from all these subjects for English + Mathematics + Social Studies + I.C.T + R.M.E, + French = 3+4+1+1+2+2 = 13
  4. Finally, your BECE Grades should be the total of the marks above. That is an aggregate of 13.

BECE Grades for School Placement

  • The pass BECE Grades for School Placement is from aggregate 6 to aggregate 30.
  • Candidates who get above the aggregate 30 may have difficulties having their school of choice

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