How to Calculate JAMB Score

How to Calculate JAMB Score

How to calculate JAMB Score 2024/2025. In this post, we will guide all interested candidates with steps on how to calculate their JAMB Score for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

The process to Calculate JAMB UTME Grade Scale – UMTE

The JAMB UTME exam is made up of four (4) subjects. These include English Language and any other three subjects in your field. Each of these four subjects is graded on a 100% scale. When all these four (4) subjects are added will produce an aggregate score of 400.

How to Calculate JAMB Score [current]

This guideline will assist you with steps to calculate your 2024 JAMB UTME score;

All JAMB UTME subjects are 40 Questions except Use of English which is 60 Questions. To calculate your JAMB score, simply DIVIDE your PASS SCORE by 40 and MULTIPLY by 100.

Let’s look at a practical scenario;

  • If David’s score is  28 out of 40 in Economics then we will calculate his mark using the formula ie. 28/40×100=70.
  • Therefore, David’s score is 70%. 
  • This formula will be used to calculate the score for all remaining subjects except the Use of English language.

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How to calculate JAMB English score 2024

Unlike other JAMB subjects, the method of calculating the score for the JAMB English subject is a bit different. Here is a practical scenario of how you can calculate your JAMB English subject.

  • JAMB English subject is graded on a scale of 60 unlike 40 for other subjects.
  • If David’s score is  48 out of 60 in Economics then we will calculate his mark using the formula ie. 48/60×100=80.
  • Therefore, David’s score is 80%. 

How to calculate JAMB aggregate score 2024

The JAMB aggregate score is the addition of all the scores attained in each JAMB UTME subject. Eg.  If David scores the following grades in each subject ie;

  • English Language =  80
  • Economics = 70
  • Government = 66
  • Geography = 78

Then we will calculate David’s aggregate score as 80 + 70 + 66 + 78 = 294

Therefore David’s JAMB aggregate score is 294/400.

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