KCA Virtual Campus

KCA Virtual Campus

The KCA Virtual Campus is an online Learning Management System (LMS) that was deployed by the KCA University to provide an online classroom experience for teaching and learning. The KCA Virtual Campus portal allows students and lecturers to complete academic activities such as online quizzes, class discussions, submission of assignments etc.

In this post, we will assist you with steps on how to access the KCA Virtual Campus portal and log in with your student number and password via https://virtualcampus.kcau.ac.ke.

KCA Virtual Campus Instructions

Your KCA Virtual Campus  student account will be active under the following conditions;

  • You are a bonafide KCA University Student with an official Student Number eg. 23/02345
  • You have a KCA Student Email address that is automatically activated within 24 hours of your registration. The Student Email takes the form: [email protected] where your student number is 23/02345.
  • You have registered for the current trimester and paid at least the 1st fee installment

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How to log into KCA Virtual Campus Portal

Follow these steps to log in to your KCA Virtual Campus eLearning portal;

  • Visit the KCA University website at www.kcau.ac.ke
  • Scroll to the page bottom and click on the KCA Virtual Campus under the quick links menu
  • Enter your student email as the username and  password  sent to your email
  • Click on the login button and wait for the system to authenticate your credentials
  • You should be successfully logged in once everything is correct

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KCA Virtual Campus Units Enrollment Instructions

  • Students should only enroll in the units that they are already registered for in the student portal and paid fees for.
  • Enrolment in the Virtual Campus Units (Courses) shall be done using Enrolment Keys provided by the Unit Lecturers.
  • Students MUST enroll in the units taught by their respective lecturers.

How to Enroll Units on Virtual Campus

Follow these steps to enroll units for all courses from your KCA virtual campus portal;

  • Log into the Virtual Campus portal with your student email and password
  • Access the Search Courses section and enter the Unit Code of the unit you intend to enroll
    for. eg. ICT 2104 for the BCOM E-Commerce Unit (Nb: For accurate search results, mind the single
    space between the letter part and the numerical portion of the Unit Code)
  • Click on the Go button or  press enter on your keyboard to display the Search results
  • Click on the Unit Name link that reflects the exact unit and name of the lecturer that you are looking for
  • Enter the Enrolment Key (as provided by the unit lecturer) in the input field
  • Click on the ENROL ME button
  • You should see the Unit Page for your unit with a list of available resources for the units
  • Click HOME and repeat the same procedure for all the units you are undertaking in the trimester

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KCA Virtual Campus Support Contact

Click the link to join our telegram channel for timely updates

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