The KNUST Academic Information Manager (AIM) is a mobile app for students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. The AIM app was developed with the intention of bringing all available online services to the mobile platform.

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Feature of KNUST AIM APP

The KNUST AIM mobile has almost all functionalities or even more that are available to students via the web portal such as

  • Instant Messaging with coursemates
  • Results Checking of current and previous semesters
  • Semester Registration of courses
  • Fee checking and download of bills
  • Access to news from the university website
  • Important info from the university

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How to Login to KNUST AIM APP

  • Download the KNUST mobile app from google playstore
  • Lunch the app and enter your KNUST student Number and click on the next button
  • AIM will fetch the student name and picture corresponding to the entered student number.
  • Confirm details to continue
  • Enter your username and password on the next screen and click on the LOGIN button
  • Create a 4-digit pin code.  This pin is used to protect sensitive data like results, registration, and biodata
  • Repeat the entered code to confirm.

How to register for courses using KNUST AIM APP

KNUST students can register for their courses via the KNUST AIM mobile app just like they can on the web portal. Below are guidelines on how to register for your courses.

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  • Lunch the KNUST AIM APP
  • Click on the Registration icon from the home screen to begin your registration.
  • Once registration begins, click on the Start Registration button to enter the edit mode.
  • Enter your 4 digit pin code in order to register for courses
  • The first step is the Compulsory Courses category. All courses are selected by default. Click Next to proceed.
  • If there are any electives, they will be displayed under the categories Elective Set 1, Elective Set 2, and Elective Set 3. Select the required number of courses for each elective set by tapping on the course name and then Next.
  • If there are any trailed courses, they will be displayed under the categories Trailed Courses. Select course(s) by tapping on the course name and then Next.
  • On the Review Selected Courses screen, review selected courses and make changes as required. Tap Save Registration to save selected courses and to complete registration
  • Once registration is successfully saved, you will be presented with two options; Download Registration Slip and Email Registration Slip
  • To download a copy of your registration slip onto your device, tap Download Registration Slip.
  • o email a copy of your registration slip, tap Email Registration Slip. Confirm or enter your email address in the popup dialog and tap OK.

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Check results in KNUST AIM APP

  • Lunch the KNUST AIM APP
  • Click on the Results icon from the home screen.
  • Click on the semester for which you want to view results.
  • Enter your 4-digit pin code in order to view results.
  • Click on the download icon to download the results slip onto your device.
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