Mawuli School Admission Portal

Mawuli School Admission Portal

Explore the Mawuli School Admission Portal which allows BECE candidates seeking to enter the senior high school to access and confirm their CSSPS placement, and download their admission forms and prospectus information via the portal.

CSSPS Portal verification

All BECE candidates are to access the CSSPS BECE Placement portal and verify their school placement. BECE students placed in the Mawuli Senior High School are to complete the placement form with their details and download, print, and submit a copy to the school’s administration for confirmation. Students can also complete the registration process by using the online Mawuli school admission portal.

In recent times, successful candidates are required to complete all the procedures online via  and come to school on the date announced by GES.

How to Access Mawuli School Admission Portal

You can access the Mawuli senior high school admission portal by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the Mawuli School Admission Portal
  2. Click on the online admission button
  3. Enter your 12 digits index number (E.g xxxxxxxxxx22)
  4. Proceed to make a payment of GHS 40.00 as the processing fee
  5. Click on the login button
  6. Wait for the system to identify and display your record

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Arrival Guidelines for New SHS students

  • Students are to undergo a physical examination to ensure that they are in the prescribed attire, hair trimmed according to school regulations, etc. at the school gate.
  • Students especially boarders are to report to the Senior Housemaster and Senior Housemistress or their assistants for their Kit-list to be inspected.
  • Each student would be allocated to a house of residence after going through a registration process. Day students are obliged to undergo the registration process to be affiliated with a house.
  • Students are advised to keep their registration receipts which will be used for the collection of items from the school’s store.
  • Borders are obliged to report to their houseparents for registration and dormitory allocation.
  • Boarders are to report to the Senior Housemaster and Senior Housemistress for the allocation of tables in the dining hall.
  • Under no circumstance should a student give pocket money or any personal items to a senior for safekeeping. Such monies should be kept with their house parents.

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Courses Offered at Mawuli School

The following are the courses offered at the Mawuli Senior High Technical School

  • General Science
  • Business
  • Home Economics
  • General Arts
  • Technical
  • Agriculture Science
  • Visual Art

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How to Select your SHS Courses

All first-year Senior High School (SHS) students are required to take compulsory subjects commonly referred to as core subjects in addition to three (3) other subjects called Elective subjects in their various programs of choice

Senior High School Core Subjects

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Social Studies

Mawuli School Contact Information

You can reach the management and staff of the Mawul Senior high school through the following contacts

Click the link to join our telegram channel for timely updates

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