portal is an SHS admission portal that helps B.E.C.E candidates to submit and print the CSSPS placement information of their school of placement. The SHS online admission portal allows students to access SHS admission forms, Admission letters, school prospectus, and other information without having to visit the school premises.

List of Schools on the SHS Admission Portal

The following Senior high school admission forms can be found on the portal

How to Access SHS Admission Portal

You can access the senior high school admission portal by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the SHS Admission Portal
  2. Click on Select your school
  3. Browse and identify your school from the list
  4. Click on your school link to open the admission portal
  5. Enter your 12 digits index number (E.g xxxxxxxxxx22)
  6. Proceed to make payment of the required amount as the processing fee
  7. Click on the login button
  8. Wait for the system to identify and display your record

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