New ZESCO Load Shedding Schedule

New ZESCO Load Shedding Schedule

ZESCO Limited has entered week two of the staggered load shedding schedule in Lusaka with some changes aimed at improving adherence to the schedule. The staggered load shedding has residential customers in Lusaka experiencing two power outages of four hours each, spread throughout the day.

The rest of the country, including industrial, commercial and farming areas, will remain on the 8-hour straight load shedding since 11 March 2024.

ZESCO Load Shedding Timetable

Zesco shall follow the outlined load shedding in the table below;

Industrial A16hrs – 24hrs
Industrial B05hrs – 13hrs
Farmers F08hrs – 16hrs
Group C06hrs – 10hrs then 14hrs – 18hrs
Group D10hrs – 14hrs then 18hrs – 22hrs
Group E09hrs – 13hrs then 17hrs – 21hrs

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Customers should note that the residential timings have been adjusted for the second outage as stipulated above. ZESCO does acknowledge the challenges experienced in the previous week and the corporation seeks improved adherence to the schedule.

The corporation will continue to monitor and review the load shedding programme to arrive at the best timing for the customers first and a good power balance. ZESCO encourages customers and the public to practice energy efficiency during load shedding periods.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and urge all customers to treat all power lines as live, as power may be restored unexpectedly.

For specifics for your area, please visit the ZESCO website for Load Management Schedule or contact customer service 02113636336. *3600# or download ZESCO Online AdD.

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