NSS Monthly Allowance Increased

NSS Monthly Allowance Increased

Explore the NSS Monthly Allowance Increased for the incoming National Service Personnel from all regions of Ghana 2024, and also download the official PDF.

NSS Monthly Allowance Increased

Increased Monthly Allowances Of National Service Personnel

The National Service Scheme’s efforts to advocate for better support and recognition for its dedicated National Service Personnel have yielded a momentous achievement. Through diligent negotiations and productive discussions, the management of the National Service Scheme has successfully obtained government approval for a substantial increase in the monthly allowances provided to the service personnel.

This increase will see the monthly allowance rise from GHe559.04 to GH&715.57, and it will come into effect starting from January 2025.

The official confirmation of this approval was conveyed through a letter dated 18 July 2023, signed by none other than the esteemed Deputy Minister for Finance, Hon. Abena Osci-Asare (MP). The decision to raise the monthly allowances was a result of the collaborative efforts of the National Service Scheme, the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission, and the Ministry of Finance. Their combined dedication to the welfare of the National Service Personnel paved the way for this positive change.

The Deputy Minister for Finance instructed the Controller and Accountant-General to implement new allowances for National Service Personnel, showing government dedication to promptly support deserving youth. All active personnel will receive the allowance difference from January 2023 as arrears, with management ensuring careful payment.

Necessary administrative processes may cause delays, and patience is requested. The increase in allowances acknowledges the vital role of National Service Personnel in Ghana’s development. Youth deserve support for their potential and contribution to the country’s growth.

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