Top 5 Google Apps You Should Be Using

Top 5 Google Apps You Should Be Using

Top 7 Google Apps You Should Be Using. Google over the years has evolved from being just a search engine to building products for almost every industry one can imagine. In fact, any smartphone or computer user may be using one of their products in one way or the other.  In this post, we will take a look at some google mobile apps that you may have heard about yet you don’t make use of.

1. Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing platform developed by google to be used for video conferencing. This app works more like the google version of the popular zoom app. Google meet used to be called google Hangouts which was later re-branded as google meet. Google meet is the platform you should be using if you do not intend to pay for any subscription yet want to enjoy long hours of free videoconferencing. This app also comes with a dedicated web platform that allows you to schedule and manages your meetings without the need to install the app onto your phone. You may also download the Android or IOS app from both the Google play store and the IOS AppStore respectively.

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2. Google Keep

Second, on our list is the Google Keep App. This app is just a simple note-taking app with amazing performance. It allows users to quickly take notes that can be synchronized across all your devices with same google account. The Google keep app allows users to group notes into categories termed as “Labels”.  Users can also add reminders to their notes which will reflect on the list of reminders on your phone, provided you are using the same google account. Like most google apps, you can access and manage your google keep notes by also using the web-based version from your browser.

3. Google Forms

Google forms is a free web-based survey platform developed by google. The Google forms platform allows users to create and collaborate on surveys. The platform has gone through countless number of updates over the years hence making it one of the most robust free survey platform on the internet. Google forms allows users to create questionnaires of different types ranging from input fields, select boxes, file upload fields, rich-text inputs etc. It also comes with a feature that allows respondents to either complete the survey as known or anonymously. Google forms is the platforms you should be using when you need users to complete a survey for a research project or other activities.

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4. Google Lens

Google lens is an optical character recognition (OCR) app developed by google purposely for image recognition activities. The google lens app is able to detect objects in an image just by scanning the image. It’s able to tell what an image comprises as well as performing an image only search using google search engine.  Another useful feature about the google lens app is the QR-code scanning feature, the app is able to read a qr-code and it’s content within seconds. Also, the Google lens app provides a real-time language translation feature where users can point the google lens camera on any text and it will translate the content to English language or any language of your choice for you.

5. Google Drive

Just like our traditional pen drives, the google drive platform provides every google account user with a free 15GB of online storage where you can login and begin to upload all you important files. The google drive platform provides both a web-based platform that can be accessed from your browser or using the mobile app equivalent which is available for both android and iPhone users in their app stores respectively. Google Drive allows users to create folders and files right inside your account. One advantage of this app is all your content on the google drive storage can be accessed from any of your devices that is signed into your account.

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