UEW Entrance Exams Aptitude Questions

UEW Entrance Exams Aptitude Questions

UEW Entrance Exams Aptitude Questions 2024/2025. The UEW mature entrance examination allows applicants above 25 years of age who applied for Admission into REGULAR and SANDWICH PROGRAMMES using the MATURED ENTRY MODE option to write an Online Entrance Examination on the UEW Vclass Portal.

In this post, will provide our readers with past questions for the UEW Entrance Exams General Aptitude Test Questions which can be used by applicants to prepare for the UEW 2024/2025 examination.

UEW Mature Entrance Exam Past Questions

1. The current Director-General of the World Health Organization is a native of

A. Nigeria

B. Nicaragua

C. Barbados

D. Ethiopia

2. He was encouraged to act with decorum at the family meeting. Choose the word, which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word.

A. Respect

B. verisimilitude

C. designers

D. Humility

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3. An account of the life of an individual written by himself or herself is called.

A. Autobiography

B. Lifetime

C. Tribute

D. Biography

4. A leaf was heated in ethanol before testing it for the presence of starch. This was to

A. kill the leaf.

B. remove the chlorophyll

C. soften the leaf

D. give the leaf a large surface area

5. Which of the following countries hosts the headquarters of the African Union?

A. Morocco

B. Nigeria

C. Libya

D. Ethiopia

6. Which energy resource is non-renewable?

A. wave energy

B. hydroelectric energy

C. geothermal energy

D. nuclear energy

7. The students have been EXONERATED after many hours. Choose the word which is nearly opposite in meaning to the bolded word.

A. acquitted

B. punished

C. reproved

D. criminalized

8. A rectangular metal block has the dimensions shown. The density of the metal is 8.0 g / cm3. What is the mass of the metal block? [SD]

A. 1600 g

B. 320 g

C. 400 g

D. 160 g

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9. Aqueous copper (II) sulphate consists of copper (II) sulphate dissolved in water. Which apparatus could not be used to remove water from this solution? [AQ]

A. A

B. C

C. B

D. D

10. Which of these examples is a literary device known as a simile?

A. As lazy as a mouse, he slept

B. As if he didn’t see the boy, he scaled the fence

C. As I entered the room he left

D. I like the elephant

11. The president of an African country is suspected to have died of COVID 19. Who is he?

A. Beji Caid Essebsi

B. Pierre Nkurunziza

C. Michael Sata

D. Amadou Gon Coulibally

12. The commission responsible for educating Ghanaians on civic matters is called ………….





13. Kwame bought three pairs of sandals at GHC 17.50 per pair and paid with two GHC 50.00 notes. How much change was Kwame given?

A. GHC 27.50

B. GHC 48.50

C. GHC 37.50

D. GHC 47.50

14. Which substance can enter a plant cell by diffusion?

A. cellulose

B. carbon dioxide

C. starch

D. protein

15. Roses are common in May but ____ in November. Choose the word which is nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word.

A. strange

B. extinct

C. rare

D. dead

16. My boy is very ambitious; he is setting himself up as a doctor. This means he…..

A. has the intention of becoming a doctor

B. has started his clinic

C. hates medicine

D. is against the idea of being a doctor

17. The silly boy has been insulting the woman for a long time; it is now time she squared up with him. This means the woman should…..

A. insult him back

B. turn her shoulders towards him

C. ignore him completely

D. square her shoulders at him

18. Petroleum is made up of a mixture of

A. Esters

B. Alkanoic acids

C. Hydrocarbons

D. Alcohols

19. How many lines of symmetry have a rhombus?

A. 5

B. 2

C. 4

D. 3

20. The major sources of pollution in crude oil exploitation are

A. Hydrocarbon gas flaring and Sulphur dioxide emissions

B. Oil spillage and equipment dumping

C. Hydrocarbon gas flaring and oil spillage

D. Sulphur dioxide emissions and oil spillage

21. Simplify (75×73) ÷78

A. 74

B. 72

C. 70

D. 78

22. The diagram shows a section through the heart. Which events occur as the left ventricle contracts? [HE]

A. atrial wall relaxes and valve X opens

B. atrial wall contracts and valve X opens

C. atrial wall relaxes and valve X closes

D. atrial wall contracts and valve X closes

23. A tale in which the characters are often animals is ____.

A. a ballad

B. an epic

C. an ode

D. a fable

24. Express 75882 to three significant figures

  1. 75900
  2. 759
  3. 7590
  4. 759000

25. Correct 0.024561 to three significant figures.

  1. 03
  2. 0246
  3. 025
  4. 0245

26. Which statements about air are correct? I. Air contains a small amount of argon which is a noble gas. II. Air is made up of 78% oxygen and 21% nitrogen. III. Air contains carbon dioxide which is a product of both respiration and the combustion of natural gas.

A. I, II and III

B. I and II only

C. I and III only

D. II and III only

27. One of these institutions is responsible for educating citizens about their rights and responsibilities. The

A. Electoral Commission (EC)

B. National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE)

C. Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ)

D. Ghana Education Service (GES)

28. Which labelled ray shows the path of the ray of light after it has passed through the glass block? [RE]

A. B

B. D

C. A

D. C

29. Express 0.000344 in standard form.

A. 44×10-5

B. 44×10-2

C. 44×10-3

D. 44×10-4

30. My brother has been called to the bar. This means my brother….

A. died

B. has become a bartender

C. has been arraigned before a court

D. qualified as a lawyer

31. Express log 3+ 3log 2 -3log 4 as a single logarithm

A. Log \( \frac{8}{2} \)

B. Log \( \frac{3}{8} \)

C. Log \( \frac{3}{16} \)

D. Log \( \frac{3}{2} \)

32. I said Peter saw Mary.

A. didn’t I?

B. hadn’t he?

C. Can’t he?

D. didn’t he?

33. What is the word equation for aerobic respiration?

A. glucose + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water

B. carbon dioxide + glucose → oxygen + water

C. oxygen + water → carbon dioxide + glucose

D. carbon dioxide + water → glucose + oxygen

34. Given that D= {a, b,c}, find the number of subsets of D.

A. 8

B. 4

C. 2

D. 6

35. Which of the following health facilities was not built by the British during the colonial era?

A. Marie Stopes International

B. The 37 Military Hospital

C. Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

D. Effia Nkwanta hospital

36. Even though many couples _____ smaller families, the number of births could rise. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

A. now having

B. now has

C. are now having

D. is now having

37. If 2-n =x, find 2n

A. \( -\frac{1}{x} \)

B. -x

C. \( \frac{1}{x} \)

D. x

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38. Some public officials unfortunately CONDONE criminal activities of nation wreckers. Choose the word which is nearest in meaning to the bolded word.

A. ruin

B. report

C. discourage

D. overlook

39. Though many of the toys were INEXPENSIVE the most beautiful amongst them were ____. Choose the word which is nearly opposite in meaning to the bolded word.

A. costly

B. special

C. lovely

D. envious

40. A block of ice is supplied with heat at a constant rate. Eventually, the melted ice boils. The graph shows how the temperature changes with time. How long does it take to melt all the ice? [GH]

A. 13 minutes

B. 4 minutes

C. 11 minutes

D. 7 minutes

41. The position of the Chief Justice of the Judiciary in Ghana is currently held by?

A. His Lordship Justice Paul Baffoe Bonnie.

B. His Lordship Justice Julius Ansah.

C. Her Ladyship Justice Sophia Akuffo.

D. His Lordship Justice Anin Yeboah.

42. If v= (−23) And u= (45), find the magnitude of u+v

A. 2√17

B. √68

C. 10

D. 2√15

43. Which of the following is a plant pigment?

A. Bile

B. Haemoglobin

C. Melanin

D. Chlorophyll

44. Which pair of gases can be identified using limewater and damp litmus paper?

A. chlorine and oxygen

B. carbon dioxide and hydrogen

C. hydrogen and chlorine

D. carbon dioxide and chlorine

45. Daraprim suppresses malaria though it may not cure it. Choose the word which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word.

A. promotes

B. removes

C. aggravates

D. subdues

46. Which of the following is an infinite set?

A. {3,6,…,18,21,…,33,36}

B. {2,3,5,7,11,13,17,…}

C. 2,4,6,8,10,12,14}

D. {1,3,…,11,13}

47. Some students complained that the appraiser ____ too little about them. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

A. knowing

B. knew

C. knows

D. is known

48. The maize weevil does not

A. Reduce the nutrient and market value of grains

B. Reduce grain to powdery form

C. Bore holes into grains

D. Leave grains mouldy

49. The World Health Organization has its headquarters in

A. Geneva, Switzerland

B. Paris, France

C. Accra, Ghana

D. Washington, US

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50. Which of the underlisted is the capital of the newly created North-East Region?

A. Damongo

B. Buipe

C. Nalerigu

D. Dambai

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