UHAS Student Portal

UHAS Student Portal

UHAS Portal. The UHAS portal allows all prominent students of the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) to access all the university’s resources such as course registration, access payment information, and download and print end-of-semester results.

Features of UHAS Portal

Students of UHAS can complete the following activities using the UHAS students’ portal

  • Checking results of current and previous semesters
  • Semester Registration of courses
  • Fee checking and download of bills

How to Access UHAS students Portal

Here are the 10 simple steps required to access the UHAS Student Portal

  1. Access the UHAS portal URL via  uhasonline.com/Portal/login
  2. Login with the Username and Password given to you
  3. Goto Left side menu of your home page
  4. Click on Course Registration or see the statement of results
  5. Select the required courses that are mounted for you
  6. Click on register
  7. Enable popup in the browser if required
  8. Save it as a PDF as proof of registration
  9. Print this page
  10. Submit the online registration form for endorsement

UHAS Course Registration

  1. Obtain clearance (receipt as evidence of payment of fees) from the Finance Directorate at the Trafalgar Campus
  2. Access the Student Online Registration Portal via www.uhasonline.com/Portal.
  3. Login with your USERNAME  as the INDEX NUMBER and the password given to you.
  4. Click on COURSE REGISTRATION under the SIDE MENU on the left panel.
  5. Select your specific courses by checking the boxes beside the courses.
  6. Click on the register button.
  7. Print out the registration form and sign your portion on the form.
  8. Send the form for endorsement (by the Head of the Department and Registration Officer for your School).
  9. Photocopy the form and send a copy each to your school, office of the dean of students and keep the original copy for future reference.

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UHAS Students Guidelines

  • A student shall attend all such lectures, tutorials, seminars, and practicals and undertake all other activities and assignments as approved by the University in addition to those prescribed for the courses in the programme for which he/she has registered.
  • Each Department shall, with the approval of the Academic Board, determine the requirements for the courses they offer. A student who does not fulfill the requirements for any course shall not be allowed to take the examination for that course.
  • A student who is absent for a cumulative period of twenty-one (21) working days from all lectures, tutorials, practicals and other activities prescribed for any course in any semester shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the course. Such a student shall not be permitted to sit the semester examination. In the case of a core course, the student shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the entire programme.
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