UMaT Student Portal

UMaT Student Portal

Access the University of Mines and Technology – UMaT Student Portal and log in with your UMaT student ID and password to complete all academic activities online for the 2024/2025 session. This post will also assist fresh students with how to create an account and log into their UMaT student portal, reset their password if they forgot their login credentials, and more.

About the UMaT Student Portal

The University of Mines Student Portal is the official Student portal used by both freshers and continuing students to complete all academic related activities online. As a prospective UMaT student, the university’s administration will use this student portal to track and record your academic progress right from the time of admission till the date you graduate.

Why You Need A UMaT Student Portal

Every student ( fresh and continuing student ) needs the student portal access to the following student services online;

  • View the academic calendar and timetable
  • UMaT Course Registration
  • Check Semester Results
  • Make Payments for Fees
  • Check Admission Status & Print UMaT admission letter (Freshers)
  • Access & Download your academic transcript
  • Hostel application

UMaT Student Portal Login

Log into your student portal and complete all academic activities online with these guidelines;

  • Access the UMaT student Portal via
  • Click on the login button
  • Enter your student Username, Student ID or Email (Note: If it’s your first time, Use your Reference Number as both your Username and Password )
  • Enter your Password/PIN
  • Click on the login button
  • Wait for the system to authenticate and redirect you to the dashboard

Recover UMaT Student Portal Password

You can reset your UMaT portal password if you have forgotten your credentials with these guidelines;

  • Click on the forgot password link on the login page
  • Select a method to retrieve your password (Username, Email)
  • Enter your Username (This should be your student ID)
  • Wait for the system to validate your Student ID 
  • A new page will be displayed for you to enter a new password
  • Confirm your password and click on the reset button
  • Congratulations, your account should be reset successfully

How to Signup as Postgraduate Student on the UMaT Student Portal

This guide is for students enrolled in a postgraduate programme at the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT)

  1. Access the UMaT Student Portal login via
  2. Click on Register as a Postgraduate button
  3. Fill out the signup form with your details
    • Firstname, Lastname, Sex, Date of Birth and Country
    • Select your campus (Tarkwa, Takoradi)
    • Enter your Email, phone number and password
    • Accept the terms of the agreement
  4. Click on the submit button to complete your registration
  5. An SMS will be sent to your phone and email to confirm your registration

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How to Register UMat Courses Online 2024

You can register your UMaT Courses online and print your registered courses for this semester with the following steps;

  1. Visit the UMaT Student Portal  via and log in with your Username and Password
  2. Click on the Registration Link from the Dashboard or the Side Menu
  3. Click on the Regular registration button on the next page
  4. Click on the register button against each Course to register for that course
  5. Click on the Print button.
  6. A print preview will show, make sure you have all the details correct, and your photo on the preview form
  7. Submit your registration and print out the registration form.
  8. Submit your course registration form to your department for verification

Note: All unregistered courses will have a status of Unregistered, and Registered courses will have a status of Registered.

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How to activate your UMat Student Email Address

The UMaT student email is assigned to every student once your admission is successful. This email account is usually generated from your student information. To access and log into your UMat email you have to first identify your email.

How to identify your UMaT Student Email

You can identify your UMat student email in this format: lastname+middlename+surname+last four digits of your reference


  • If your Surname is Gyan, your middle name is Esi and Lastname is Rita
  • Your Department Code: Geomatic Engineering (gm) 
  • Your student reference number is 9001437122

Then your UMaT Student email ID will be [email protected] and your password will be gyan7122

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