UPSA Interpay

UPSA Interpay

The University of Professional Studies – UPSA Interpay is a payment platform that allows students to make payments and manage fee disbursement activities online using the UPSA student portal.

The UPSA Interpay allows students to easily disburse payments such as school fees, UPSA hostel fees, and other payments from multiple channels such as Bank accounts and Mobile Wallets into their InterPay student account.

Advantages of UPSA Interpay

Students using the University of Professional Studies – UPSA Interpay platform stand to enjoy these advantages;

  1. Instant notification after payments
  2. Access to the transaction history
  3. Ability to perform an International transaction
  4. Access to multiple payment channels (BANK. Mobile Wallets)
  5. Limited risks of exposing your bank account details

How to Login to UPSA Interpay

You can log into your Interpay student account with these guidelines;

  1. Visit the UPSA Interpay Portal
  2. Enter Index Number and Password
  3. Click on the Login button
  4. Wait for the system to authenticate and redirect you to the dashboard

How to Top-Up UPSA Student Wallet

These guidelines  will assist you with how to top-up your UPSA InterPay student wallet and pay for your school and hostel fees;

  1. Dial the Shortcode *789*8772# on your phone
  2. Select Option 1 to Top-up your student wallet
  3. Enter your Index Number
  4. Follow the steps and enter your PIN to confirm the transaction
  5. A confirmation SMS will be sent to your phone
  6. Log into the UPSA student Portal and disburse the funds


How to Pay Your Fees with UPSA Interpay Account

  1. Login to your UPSA Interpay Account  with your INDEX NUMBER and PASSWORD
  2. Select  the PAY FEE option from the menu
  3. Select the FEES you want to make payment for
  4. Click on the Select button
  5. Click on the PAY button to initiate the fee payment process
  6. Click on OK to confirm your payment
  7. Congratulations, your payment has successfully completed

How To Reset UPSA Interpay Password

You can reset your UPSA Interpay account with these steps;

  1. Visit the UPSA Interpay Student Link via
  2. Click on Forgot Password link
  3. Enter your Student Index Number
  4. Click on the Reset Password 
  5. A password reset link will be generated and sent to your student email account
  6. log into your Email and follow the link to complete the reset process
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