UPSASIP Student Portal

UPSASIP Student Portal

Log into your UPSASIP Student Portal 2024 with your username and password via to access your UPSA admission, semester results, complete online course registration, download your student transcript, and check admission status.

How to Access Your UPSA Student Portal

Follow the guidelines below to access your UPSA student portal online

  • Visit the UPSA website using your smartphone or computer via
  • Click on Students then select Students portal
  • Enter your UPSA student index number and password
  • Then, click on the login button to access your portal dashboard

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How to Reset Your UPSA Portal Password

Follow the procedure below to reset your portal password

  • Visit the UPSA website using your smartphone or computer via
  • Click on Students then select Students portal
  • Click on Forget Password below the login button
  • Enter your UPSA Index number
  • Click on the Reset Password button
  • A temporary password will be created and dispatched to your email.
  • Please log in to your email account to verify the received password.

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Features of the Student Portal

The UPSA Student Portal offers the following features

  • Verify Your UPSA Admission Status: This process checks if you’ve been accepted or declined as a UPSA student, ensuring you can continue your studies at UPSA.
  • Access UPSA Semester Results: This action lets you see your grades, progress, and overall performance for a specific semester at UPSA.
  • Complete UPSA Online Course Registration: Enroll in your upcoming semester’s courses online, ensuring you’re officially registered for your chosen classes, essential for your academic journey.
  • Download and Print UPSA Student Transcript: Use this option to obtain an official record of your academic accomplishments at UPSA, valuable for job applications and further education.
  • Check UPSA Admission Status Online: This action helps you confirm your admission to UPSA, especially after applying for a program, using a convenient online platform for confirmation without in-person visits.

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UPSA Contact Information

Postal Address:

P.O. BOX LG 149,



  • +233 302500 171
  • +233 302500 722
  • +233 302500 723


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