Chema Chema Fund Guidelines and Application Requirements

Chema Chema Fund Guidelines and Application Requirements

Chema Chema Fund Guidelines 2024. The CEDA Chema Chema Fund is a new entrepreneurship funding scheme launched by the Minister of Entrepreneurship, Mr Karabo Gare through an act of parliament to transform the informal sector by providing financial support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. With a substantial P500 million allocation, the Chema Chema fund seeks to improve Botswana’s business and entrepreneurial landscape.

In this write-up, we have outlined all the Chema Chema Fund eligibility requirements and all the documents required for application.

About the Chema Chema Fund Disbursement

  • The loan secured will attract a once-off interest of 2.4%.
  • Loans taken to run the business are payable over 6 months while those taken to buy assets or equipment are payable in 12 months.

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Chema Chema Fund Eligibility Requirements

Persons interested in applying for the Chema Chema Fund must meet the following application requirements to be considered for funding;

  • Applicant must be 18 years and older
  • Be a citizen with a valid Omang
  • Operate a new or existing informal business
  • Possess the following documents: Hawker’s permit (if registered) If unregistered. an affidavit, tribal authority letter (lekwalo la kgosi). membership of the Local Informal Business Association, Exemption Certificate and Government department or any other legal documents
  • Applicant must not be formally and permanently employed in government, State Owned Enterprises or the private sector. If employed, must be earning below P4000 a month.
  • If it’s a pre-existing company, its annual taxable income must be below P50 000 and its annual gross turnover should not exceed P200 000
  • Participate in capacity building programs
  • Register with LEA before the loan application process

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Registration Documents for Chema Chema Fund

Below are the documents required to complete the Chema Chema Fund registration process;

  1. Valid National Identification Card (Omang)
  2. Original document proving the existence of informal business (Relevant license, government department letters or any other legal documents applicable)
  3. Those without licenses listed in step 2 above should complete a relevant document as follows (downloadable from the LEA website)
    • Tribal Authority / Kgosi letter (English & Setswana version)
    • Affidavit for unregistered business (Engish & Setswang version)
    • Affidavit for business idea (English and Setswana version)
  4. Original Disability certificate/ document (if applicable)
  5. Original business-related training certificates (from 2021)
  6. For formal SMMEs. CIPA and BURS registration details are required.

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Important Notice

Note: For sell-registrations, the documents should be scanned to PDF ( 5MB for each document) and uploaded as and when prompted during the self -registration.

How to apply for Chema Chema Fund

To apply for funding, check the How to apply for Chema Chema Fund online article for a detailed step-by-step guide.

Contact Information

  • LEA Number: 0800 155 155
  • CEDA Number: 0800 600 253
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  1. Can i register as an individual as i operate the busines at my home?
    Francistown LEA
    dosen’t have enough trainers as it takes low numbers for training and registration.

  2. hi, if I’m applying for startup, do i need a hawker’s license.

    also, can i do the short course before getting other documents ready?

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