Ghana Immigration Service Ranks and Salary

Ghana Immigration Service Ranks and Salary

Explore the Ghana Immigration Service Ranks and Salary. The Salary of all immigration officers is relative to the rank of every personnel. Officers are promoted every four (4) years in the service and this promotion also comes with a salary increase. In this article, we shall take a look at the available ranks in GIS and their respective salaries.

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Duties of the Ghana Immigration Service

The Ghana Immigration Service has been given the mandate by the constitution of Ghana to carry out the following duties:

  • The immigration service examines travel documents of persons entering and exiting the country through the borders.
  • The service ensures the application and enforcement of laws that are related to the immigration and employment of non-Ghanaians in the country.
  • The service takes decisions and advises on and implements international cooperation agreements with other countries and other organizations on issues related to migration.
  • They also manage and patrol the country.

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Ghana Immigration Service ranks

Below are the available Ranks in the Ghana Immigration Service from the highest rank to the lowest.

  1. Comptroller–General of Immigration
  2. Deputy Comptroller – General of Immigration
  3. Commissioner of Immigration
  4. Deputy Commissioner of Immigration
  5. Assistant Commissioner of Immigration
  6. Chief Superintendent of Immigration
  7. Superintendent of Immigration
  8. Deputy Superintendent of Immigration
  9. Assistant Superintendent of Immigration
  10. Inspector
  11. Assistant Inspector
  12. Immigration Control Officer
  13. Assistant Immigration Control Officer I
  14. Assistant Immigration Control Officer II

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Salary of a Ghana Immigration Service officer in Ghana

The minimum pay for personnel working with the Ghana Immigration Service is estimated to be GH¢ 1,800 per month. All Government workers are paid based on the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) which was implemented in 2010.

However, there are some allowances accrued to officers of the Ghana Immigration Service. These allowances are paid based on rank.

How much does the Ghana Immigration Service Pay degree recruit?

A graduate recruit in the Ghana Immigration Service is expected to earn more than an Immigration officer with WASSCE or SSSCE.

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