Ghana Police Service Ranks and Salary

Ghana Police Service Ranks and Salary

The Ghana Police Service is the principal police force in Ghana, responsible for upholding law and order in the country. In this post, we will explore the Ghana Police Service Ranks and Salary 2024, the different levels of police requirements, and police departments.

Ghana Police Service Officers Ranks

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Ghana Police Service Ranks and Salary

Below is the salary for every rank in the Ghana Police Service

Senior Ranks

Range of Salary (GHS)

Inspector General of Police6800 – 8200
Deputy Inspector General4800 – 6200
Commissioner4500 – 5800
Deputy Commissioner4000 – 5200
Assistant Commissioner3500 – 4190
Chief Superintendent3200 – 3950
Superintendent3000 – 3850
Deputy Superintendent2800 – 3450
Assistant Superintendent2600 – 3150

Junior Ranks

Range of Salary (GHS)

Chief Inspector2100 – 2900
Inspector1900 – 2600
Sergeant1690 – 2300
Corporal1490 – 2100
Lance Corporal1400 – 1800
Constable1,320 – 1,800

Disclaimer: The salaries stated for the different ranks were estimated based on their respective positions. At the time of writing this article, the salary structure of the Ghana Police Service had not been disclosed to the public.

Note: Police officers in all ranks enjoy some or all the following in addition to their base salary: Tax reliefs, medical expenses, anticipated retirement package, health insurance, housing allowance, travel and meal allowance, vacation and leave allowance and bonuses, etc.

Level of Ghana Police Service Recruitments

There are two levels of recruitment into the Ghana Police Service. As a security agent, various spheres of expertise are required to make it effective at executing real-life tasks and solving crime in all areas

1. Basic Recruitment: Basic recruitment refers to the mass recruitment of men/women above the age of 18 to enforce law and order. The qualification requirement is normally WASSCE. Enlisted persons start as constables and work their way up

2. Graduate Recruitment: This level of recruitment is open to graduates with a minimum of a Degree qualification. The aim of the graduate recruitment is to attract professionals from all walks of life into the service


  • The service also conducts recruitments geared at artisans and skilled men/women who can provide specialized services to the service
  • This filtering can fall under any of the two depending on the type of vocation or skillset required

Police Service Departments

 Police Service have specified 13 different departments with specialization requirements needed to work in those department

  • General Duties
  • Projects Unit
  • Transport and Workshop
  • Finance
  • Communications
  • Religious Affairs
  • Audit
  • Police Medical Services Specialist
  • Biomedical Scientist
  • Estate Officers
  • Legal
  • Public Relations
  • Critical Care and theatre Nurses

Ghana Police Service Contact Information

Vodaphone: 0203-168814 / 0203-168842 / 0203-168847 / 0203-168851

MTN: 0594-262644 / 0594-262649 / 0594-262653

Airtel-Tigo: 0572-669911 / 0572-669922


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