The Ghana Nurses and Midwives Association InfoNet portal is a self-service portal that can be accessed by all registered nurses and midwives in Ghana who intend to be part of the association. The InfoNet portal comes with built-in features such as personal profile updates, application for GRNMA loans online, application for health and death benefits among a ton of other features. In this post, we will assist our readers with guidelines on how to register on the GRNMA InfoNet Portal and how to download the InfoNet Mobile app on your smartphone.

GRNMA InfoNet Registration

Follow these steps to create an account on the Ghana Nurses and Midwives Association – GRNMA Infonet Portal;

  • Visit the GRNMA Website at
  • Click on the InfoNet link from the menu
  • Select and click on the register link from the dropdown
  • Enter your staff ID, PIN, Registration or Certificate Number and date of birth (NB: Tick the checkbox to proceed if you do not have an existing Staff ID)
  • Click on the proceed button
  • Your details will be loaded and displayed by the system if you already have an existing account. You can proceed to activate your account. A new registration form will be displayed where you can enter your details if you don’t have an existing account.
  • Provide all the following details in the registration form. (NB: all fields with * are mandatory)
    • Firstname and Lastname
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Nationality
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • PIN/AIN
    • Certificate Number
    • Area of practice
    • Place of work
  • Click on the register button to proceed
  • An OTP will be sent to the phone number used for the registration via SMS
  • You will be notified on your next screen if your account registration was successful.
  • A follow up SMS with your staff id (first four random numbers, followed by your date of birth [yy/mm/dd]) and a four-digit passcode which will be used as your login details will be received.

NB: Ghanian Private Nurse/Midwife

  • After choosing Private as Place of Work, you will be required to select your position.
  • Search from the list of positions provided and choose your current rank.
  • To select the name of the facility, search the attached list and choose appropriately. Contact 02459646238/ 0501374686 to add your facility if you do not find it in the list.

Diaspora Nurse/Midwife

  • Diasporas will be required to select their country of work after choosing the diaspora as a place of work.
  • Type the name of your facility in the Name of Facility column.

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How to Log into GRNMA InfoNet Account

Members who have successfully registered on the GRNMA InfoNet portal can log into their account with these steps;

  • Visit the GRNMA Website at
  • Click on the InfoNet link from the menu
  • Select and click on the login link from the dropdown
  • Enter your Staff ID and Password (NB: To log in for the first time use the staff ID and the four-digit passcode that was sent to your phone when you created your account as the password. Don’t forget to update your password to a more secure one after you login)

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How to Activate Your GRNMA InfoNet Membership

To activate your membership, you must pay your dues & levy using the short code *928*8# or click on Pay Dues on the Infonet platform to activate your membership after registration.

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GRNMA InfoNet Mobile App

GRNMA Members can also log into their InfoNet account by downloading the GRNMA InfoNet Mobile app from Android PlayStore or the IOS App Store with these steps;

  • Lunch the Google Playstore on your Android phone or the IOS App Store on your iPhone
  • Enter GRNMA InfoNet in the search input
  • Identify the InfoNet app from the search result and click on install
  • Wait for the app to download onto your phone
  • Open the InfoNet app once the download is complete
  • Enter your staff ID and Password to access your account

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How to Reset your GRNMA InfoNet Password

Follow these steps to recover your GRNMA account if you have forgotten your password;

  • Access the GRNMA InfoNet Portal login
  • Click on the Reset Password link
  • Enter your username
  • Click on the send reset code button
  • A 6 (six) digits password reset code will be sent to your phone via SMS
  • Click on the already have a reset code link
  • Enter the reset code, username, new password and confirm your new password
  • Click on the reset password button to complete the reset process.
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