Sunyani Technical University Admission List

Sunyani Technical University Admission List

Explore the Sunyani Technical University Admission List for 2024 academic year and how to check your admission status in the student portal. Also, check your revised school fees in this article.

How to Check Your STU Admission List 2024/2025

Follow the instructions below to check your STU admission list 

  1. Visit the STU admission Status Checker Portal
  2. Enter your Serial Number
  3. Enter your Full Name
  4. Click on the Submit button
  5. Continue to print your admission letter

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STU Academic fees 2024/2025

Below is a table with the Sunyani Technical University (STU) provisional fees for the 2024/2025 academic year. HND, Degree and Top-up.

Fees For 4 Years Degree Programmes (SRC Dues Inclusive)

ProgrammeFirst Year (GH¢ )Continuing Students (GH¢)
BTECH In Fashion Design2,468.302,117.61
BTECH In Civil Engineering2,418.30 2,067.61
BTECH In Electrical & Engineering. Electronics2,418.302,067.61
BTECH In Mechanical Engineering2,418.302,067.61
BTECH In Hospitality And Institutional Management1,967.612,318.30
BTECH In Agriculture2,318.301,967.61
BTECH In Construction Technology2,318.301,967.61
BTECH Computer Science2,318.301,967.61
BTECH Marketing2,318.301,967.61
BTECH Ict2,318.301,967.61
BTECH Procurement And Supply Chain Management2,318.301,967.61
BTECH Tourism Management2,318.301,967.61
BTECH Pharmacy Tech3,033.772,683.08
BTECH Office Tech2,318.301,967.61
BTECH Wood Construction Tech2,318.301,967.61
BTECH Computerized Accounting2,318.301,967.61
BTECH Interial Design2,318.301,967.61
BTECH Facilities Mgt2,318.301,967.61
BTECH Ceramics2,468.302,117.61
BTECH Materials Engineering2,418.302,117.61
BTECH In Photonics Engineering2,418.302,117.61
BTECH In Welding And Metallurgical Engineering2,418.302,117.61
BTECH In Sustainable Energy Materials And Systems Eng2,418.302,117.61
BTECH In Agric Engineering2,418.302,117.61

Fees For Degree (Top Up) Programmes (SRC Dues Inclusive)

ProgrammeFresh Students (GH¢)Continuing Students(GH¢)
BTECH In Building Technology 3,170.003,125.50
BTECH In Accounting Technology3,170.003,125.50
BTECH In Proc. Magt3,170.003,125.50
BTECH In Hosp. Mgt 3,170.003,125.50
BTECH In Civil Eng.3,270.00 3,225.50
BTECH In Marketing Management3,170.003,125.50
BTECH In Management Studies3,170.003,125.50
BTECH In Electrical/Electronic Engineering3,270.003,225.50
BTECH In Mechanical Engineering3,270.003,225.50
BTECH In Agriculture 3,170.003,125.50
BTECH In Fashion3,320.00 3,275.50
BTECH In Pharmacy Tech. 3,670.003,620.00

Pre BTECH: 1,399.40

Fees for HND Students (SRC Dues Inclusive)

Faculty of Business and Management Studies

Business Programmes Fees
Programme1st Year (GH¢)2nd Year (GH¢)
HND MKT2,022.631,644.89
HND ACCT2,022.631,644.89
HND SMS2,022.631,644.89
HND PURCH & SUPP2,132.881,755.14
HND COMPUTERIZED ACCT.2,132.881,865.39
Diploma In Banking2,022.631,644.89
Diploma In Computerized ACCT.2,022.631,644.89
Diploma In Electronic Marketing1,735.651,567.86
Diploma In Business Administration1,735.651,567.86
Diploma In Procurement And Material MGT1,735.651,567.86
 Diploma In Public Relation1,735.651,567.86

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment and Applied Arts Fees
Programme1st Year (GH¢)2nd Year (GH¢)
HND Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)2,293.52 1,932.65
HND Building Technology 2,193.521,832.65
HND Civil Engineering2,293.52 1,932.65
HND Mechanical Engineering 2,293.52 1,932.65
HND Material Engineering2,293.521,932.65
HND Industrial Arts 2,343.521,982.65
HND Interior Design2,193.52 1,832.65

Pre HND Programme: 2,208.14

Faculty of Applied Arts and Sciences

HND HCIM, Gen. Agriculture, Computer Science, ICT Fees
Programme1st Year (GH¢)2nd Year (GH¢)
HND Health and Care Information Models (HCIM)2,263.271,988.39
HND Gen. Agriculture2,208.141,933.26
HND Computer Science2,208.141,933.26
HND ICT2,208.141,933.26
HND Pharmacy Technician2,533.772,148.64

Pre HND Programme: 2,208.14

Fees For Non-Tertiary (SRC Dues Inclusive)

Business Programmes Fees
Programme1st Year (GH¢)
Engineering Programmes & Applied Science 1,549.10
Programme1st Year(GH¢)2nd Year (GH¢)
Advanced Fashion Design1,594.701,287.58
Fashion Design Cotvet1,594.701,287.58
All Other Non-Tertiary Engineering and Applied Science Programmes1,539.571,232.45

Sunyani Technical University Contact Information

Tel: (+233) 3520 – 27052 / 24924

Email: [email protected]

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