UEW OSIS Student Portal

UEW OSIS Student Portal

The University of Education, Winneba – UEW OSIS Student Portal is the new UEW student portal to be used by both students and management for all administrative and academic activities online. There have been several changes in the UEW student management system used by authorities over the years. These changes involved the switch between the old UEW student portal and the recent UEW ITS Student portal.

Both systems have a lot in common but the2024/2025 academic year has seen a switch back to the old UEW student portal but with an upgraded set of features and also renamed as the UEW OSIS student Portal. 

In this post, will learn how to access the UEW OSIS platform as a student to register for your semester courses, check your UEW end-of-semester results and create your OSIS student email and log into your OSIS portal.

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Feature of UEW OSIS Student Portal

The new UEW OSIS student portal is parked with a lot of functionalities to be used by both continuing students and applicants. At the barest minimum, students can complete the following activities online by logging into the student portal.

  • Course Registration
  • Checking results (sip results)
  • Fees payment
  • View academic calendar etc.

UEW OSIS Index Number

All newly admitted students will be receiving 10-digit index numbers which are different from the 9-digit applicant numbers captured on your admission letters. This includes any student that rolled over from a diploma or post-graduate programme who had an old ITS student number. The new index numbers will have the following format.

  • 323XXXXXXX for diploma programmes
  • 523XXXXXXX for degree programmes
  • 623XXXXXXX for post-graduate diploma programmes
  • 723XXXXXXX for M. A., M.Ed, MBA, or M.Sc. programmes
  • 823XXXXXXX for Master of Philosophy programmes and
  • 923XXXXXXX for Doctor of Philosophy degree programmes

For you to have an index number generated, you should have paid your fees through the transflow payment platform. Students who have not paid fees will not have index numbers generated and as such may not be able to register.

UEW OSIS Student Portal Login

You can log in to the  University of Education – UEW OSIS portal with this guideline;

  1. Open the Gmail Login
  2. Input your Student Number/Index Number as your default password
  3. Access your UEW Student Mail inbox page
  4. Check your email and follow the link from UEW OSIS Support to create your password
  5. Use the link in this email to create a new password for your OSIS Portal
  6. Save your New OSIS Password
  7. Now use the UEW student email as your username and the newly created password as your password to login

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Process to Register Courses on UEW OSIS Student Portal

Both new and continuing at the University of Education (UEW) can complete their course registration online with the guidelines below;

  1. Access UEW OSISSIP
  2. Enter your Student Number and Password (if you don’t have a student email or password)
  3. Click on the Login button
  4. Navigate to Registration 
  5. Click on Regular Registration
  6. Select your Level
  7. Courses available are listed by their Course Code and Title with the Credit Hours
  8. Select your Major and Electives Courses
  9. Click on the Add link attached to the course details. The course will then move from the left (Available Courses) to the right (Registered Courses) on your screen
  10. Click on the Drop Link to remove a course
  11. Preview and tap on the Confirm button
  12. Print Proof of Registration Slip

Important Notice

If you register with your mobile phones, make sure you get printouts of confirmed courses before or on the deadline for registration to complete the registration process.

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How to Reset UEW OSIS Student Portal

You can reset your OSIS account password if you are having issues with your account or want to change your password using these steps;

  1. Visit the OSIS student portal
  2. Click on the forgot password link
  3. Enter your email and thick the capture on the next page (NB: your [email protected] eg. [email protected])
  4. Click on the login button
  5. Open the Gmail Login
  6. Input your Student Number/Index Number as your default password
  7. Access your UEW Student Mail inbox page
  8. Check your email and follow the link from UEW OSIS Support to reset your password

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