Amazing places in Ghana to visit on your next trip 2022

Amazing places in Ghana to visit on your next trip 2022

The Ghanaian tourism industry is one big avenue that generates huge revenue for the government over the past years. This industry is regulated by the government of Ghana under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts.

In today’s article, we focus on some of the most beautiful tourist sites you may have heard of or even visited. If you are a first time visitor in Ghana, we encourage you to explore some of these tourist sites for a wonderful moment.


Kakum National Park

The kakum national park is located in the coastal region of the Cape Coast in Ghana. It was gazetted as a national park in 1992 and is one of the only three (3) canopy walkways located in Africa. It is up made of mainly undisturbed tropical rainforest and features about 350metres canopy walkway throughout the thick forest while the entire park spans over an area size of 375m square. The forest is made up of endangered species such as African elephants, Diana Monkies, Butterflies, Bongo antelopes etc. A walk on the canopy allows visitors to see most animals in the park from a clear view since the canopy is as high as 65m above ground level. 

The site begins operation as early as 6am in the morning and closes at 4pm in the evening. There are also cafes and restaurants around to serve visitors with their food needs. The restaurants around serve local dishes such as fufu, banku with okro stew, jollof rice etc. as well as local beverages such as sobolo ((purple drink made from water and hibiscus leaves), bisap, palm wine etc.

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Second on this list is Nzulezu, a village in the western region of Ghana. This beautiful village is about 90km away from the region’s capital “Takoradi”. The tourism side of this village is that the entire village was built on top of a lake called “Lake Tadane”. The name Nzulezu is a word from the Nzema language which means “Water Surface”. The village was built on the water as a form of safety and protection during the days of wars and conflicts. All the daily activities such as pounding of fufu, church services, schooling etc are all carried out on the surface of the water.  The best time to visit this beautiful village is from May to August since species such as birds, monkies, turtles etc are out to enjoy the rain forest. 

Visitors will have to stop over at Beyin, a nearby town to arrange a guided tour of the stilt village. In the evenings, there are special drumming and dance arranged by the locals as a form of entertainment. Nzulezu is a beautiful village to visit for your next tourist adventure especially if you are a lover of nature.


Wli Waterfalls

If you are looking for the highest waterfalls in Ghana or the whole of West Africa, then Wli waterfalls are actually what you have been looking for. The 80meters tall waterfall is located in Wli, a village located in the Hohoe municipality of the Volta region of Ghana. It’s about 280km away from Accra, Ghana’s capital. This tourist centre comes with a shaded visitors centre accompanied by nice gift shops, lodges and guests houses around the township which make accommodation absolutely easy for tourists.

On your way to the falls, you will come across a number of local artisans who display their artefacts such as cavings, African wristbands, etc on your way. All in all, the surroundings of the falls is very refreshing, especially with the presence of birds and beautiful butterflies and monkeys. 


Aburi Botanical Gardens 

The Aburi botanical garden started off as a centre for plant introduction and teaching scientific methods of agriculture. Today, it’s one of the most visited tourist sites in Ghana. The garden is located on the Akwapim-Togo Range of Ghana which is about half an hour drive from the country’s capital “Accra”. The cool mountainous weather of Aburi makes it a destination for people who love the cool side of life. 

It is beautifully lined royal palm trees (roystonea regia) on both sides of the road leading to the car park. These palm trees cannot be said to be part of the original plants that were cultivated but look very old. For lovers of nature, there are so many special species of ornamental plant collection as well as beautiful butterflies and insects of all kinds.


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