Best Android Phones to Buy in Ghana

Best Android Phones to Buy in Ghana


Buying a new phone can sometimes be a tedious decision to make especially when you are not so much tech-savvy. You either rely on reviews from other users who once owned the type of phone you want to buy or ask the sales personnel at the phone shop about the phone you are interested in getting for yourself. Most often than not, because some sales reps are more interested in selling their products to you, they end up convincing you about how good the product is even if it’s of a sub-standard. In this article, we bring to you a list of some notable Android phones that have had very positive reviews in the previous years. The list features different phone brands from different manufacturers. Please note this list was put together based on a number of factors such as storage size, chipset, display type, resolution, battery life, etc.

Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy s21ultra

The s21 ultra phone is a high earn smartphone from the technology giant “Samsung” which was released in January 2021. It features a set of highly-packed functionalities that comes with every modern phone. This phone is known for its great camera quality and high display resolutions.

It has different specifications such as the 128GB storage space and 12GB RAM, 256GB and 12GB RAM, 512GB and 12GB RAM, and 512GB and 16GB RAM variants.

The s21 ultra uses a nano sim and runs on Android version 11. It doesn’t support an external SD card since the internal storage is very huge. It also features a camera pixel of about 108MP and takes quality photos and videos as high as 8k on the rear camera and up to 4k with the front camera. The battery strength is very great and gives users the true value of their money.

The security mechanism is top-notch with features like the fingerprint function located below the display screen. It also comes with the modern Type-C 3.2 USB port as well as USB On-The-Go which is the new USB port for the newest iPhones and Android phones. This smartphone makes a good fit for photo lovers since the picture quality is very great and the internal storage is huge to accommodate all your beautiful pictures.

Nokia G20 

Nokia G20 blogofghana

Second, on this list is the Nokia G20 which comes from the popular cell phone manufactures “Nokia”.The G20 Nokia model was first released in April 2021 and has ever since received quite some positive reviews from its users. Nokia doesn’t compromise on the durability of their phones and the G20 isn’t an exception. 

This phone is powered by the Android 11 operating system with 64GB storage and 4GB RAM specifications as well as 128GB and 4GB Ram. It uses a nano sim with a TYPE-C USB port as well. The main (rear) camera has a resolution of up to 48MP whiles the selfie camera (front camera) seats at 8MP.

It also comes with an inbuilt radio and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for easy unlocking. The G20 is a good fit for people who don’t want to overspend on a smartphone yet looking for something modern and powerful. 

Techno Canon 18 Premie

tecno canon 18 blogofghana

Third, on this list is the Techno Canon 18 Premier. This phone is released in September 2020 and has ever since received a lot of positive reviews from its users. It runs on Android OS version 10. It features an ultra-large display screen of about 1080 x 2460 pixels which is a perfect fit for a great picture and video experience. It has an internal storage capacity of 128GB and 8GB RAM respectively.

The main camera (rear) supports up to 64MP resolution and up to 48MP for the front camera. Aside from all the highly packed functionalities of the C18 Premier, one thing that makes it stand out is its good battery strength. It has a Li-Po 4500 mAh battery which can last up to 72 hours with standby mode on a single charge. It uses a dual nano-sim and supports an external SD card of up to 256GB.


Huawei Y9A blogofghana

The Y9A smartphone is one of the top flagship phones from the Chinese tech giant “Huawei” which was released in September 2021. This phone comes with 128GB internal storage and 8 GB/6 GB Ram storage. It also supports an external card slot of up to 256GB of storage. The Y9A runs on Android Os version 10 with a dual nano sim slot. It also features up to 64MP main camera (rear) resolution and 16MP on the front camera respectively. It uses a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for locking and unlocking and also a TYPE-C USD port for charging. The display resolution is 1080 x 2400 pixels which is great for any beautiful photos and video activities. It uses a Li-Po 4200 mAh in-built battery and supports up to 72 hours with standby mode on a single charge.


Infinix Zero X Pro blogofghana

The Infinix zero x pro is a monster phone that comes with a lot of packed functionalities. It was released in September 2021 and has made great sales in the phone market. This phone features a 128GB/256 GB internal storage capacity and an 8GB Ram. It uses a dual nano sim with a TYPE-C USB port. 

The camera comes with packed features and high display resolution. It features a main camera (rear) with pixels up to 108MP and 16MP front camera respectively. It also has a fingerprint sensor just below the display which is a good reach for easy phone unlocking. It comes with an inbuilt radio and supports up to 72 hours of a single charge on standby mode. The  X Pro comes with Android OS version 11 and also a radio.


Buying a new phone should not be based on physical looks such as color or design but on the durability and the specifications that will guarantee that the phone can serve its intended purposes when bought. All the phones listed above have received very positive reviews from the users and we believe you will have great value for your money when purchased.

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