How to check PSLE Results

How to check PSLE Results

Botswana Examination Council – BEC has released the examination results for the PSLE 2023 examination. Candidates are to visit the BEC online portal to check out their PSLE examination results online. Aside from the online result portal, BEC has also made available the BEC SMS channel that can be used by candidates without smartphones or computers to easily check their results on phones.

About the PSLE Examination

Botswana Primary School Leaving Examination  – PSLE Examination aims to assess primary school students to transition to the secondary level. The PSLE is organized and managed under the auspices of the Botswana Examination Council (BEC)

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PSLE Grading for 2024 Examination

This table outlines the grading scale for PSLE examination marks from the highest to lowest.

GradePercentage (%)Points
A*85 – 1008
A75 – 848
B65 – 747
C55 – 646
D45 – 545
E40 – 444
F35 – 393
G30 – 342
U0 – 290

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How to Check PSLE Results Online 2024

These guidelines will assist you with how to check your 2024 PSLE examination results online using the official Botswana Examination Council – BEC result checker portal.

  1. Visit the BEC website at
  2. Enter Identify the results option from the menu and click on the My Results link
  3. Select the type of Examination (ie. PSLE )
  4. Select the Year of your examination. ( This goes as far back as 2009 – 2024), and Center
  5. Enter your school’s Centre Number. (Note: The center number should be 6 characters beginning with the letters “BW” in upper case.  (For example, if your school’s center number is 0008, type BW0008 if your school’s center number is 0018, type BW0018.)
  6. Enter your Candidate Number. (Note: The system accepts a candidate number with leading zeros and without leading zeros.  Eg. if your candidate number is 0003 you may type 0003 or 003 or 03 or 3 and the system will accept any of them)
  7. Click on the Show Results button
  8. Wait for the system to load and display the details of your results such as your grade, year, etc.
  9. Congratulations

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How to check PSLE results through SMS

You can check your 2024 BEC Botswana Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE ) results on the phone via SMS service with the following guidelines;

  1. Send an SMS on your phone with your details (ie LevelCenter Number, Candidate Number and Your Surname)
  2. Include a space between the word “BW” and your Centre Number, a space between the Centre Number and Candidate Number, and also add a space between the Candidate Number and Candidate Surname.
  3. The Center Number must be 6 characters long and the Student Number must be 4 numeric characters long. Note: The surname is not case-sensitive

If your Centre Number is 900 and your Student Number is 12 type: PSLE BW900 0012 Surname
Send your correctly formatted request to 16688 on all networks

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Alternative Ways to Access Your PSLE

Candidates who may not be able to check their BEC PSLE results using the BEC result portal and the SMS shortcode channel may access their results using the following alternatives;

  • All centers will receive copies of results delivered at the sub-regional and regional offices through Express Mail Service (EMS).
  • Regional offices will access the results through Malapa System and CDs, which will be delivered through EMS.
  • Visit your former School’s Administration
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