How to Register GNAT Bundle for New Teachers

How to Register GNAT Bundle for New Teachers

How to Register GNAT Bundle for New Teachers. Internet data is one of the most essential resources in the field of teaching. We must admit that teachers are not repositories of knowledge and as such, they will be required to research most of their topics before they begin with their lessons. Considering the expensive internet bundles provided by most telecom companies, the management of the Ghana National Teachers Association (GNAT) has come into a partnership with Ghana’s largest telecom company (MTN GHANA) to provide affordable internet data packages to members at very affordable prices.

In this post, we will learn how to register for the GNAT Data Bundle for existing GES staff and newly recruited GES teachers. This data bundle will allow you to purchase a 10GB data package at a cost of GHS 25.00.

Requirement for GNAT Bundle Registration

  • Any person interested in registering for the GNAT data bundle must be a GES teacher with a valid staff ID and a member of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT).
  • You should also have an active MTN Ghana sim card which has been duly registered with your NIA Card (GHANA CARD)

How to Register for GNAT Bundle

  1. You must first register during the registration window in order to be able to purchase the package during the purchase window.
  2. Both the registration and the purchase must be made during the open window period.
  3. All the windows are currently closed at the moment and will be opened in a few days. (Note: you may join our telegram channel for updates on when Windows are opened)

How to Buy the GNAT Data Bundle

Follow these procedures to buy the GNAT data bundle on your phone;

  1. Dial the shortcode *800*08# on your phone
  2. Select option 1 – Staff bundle offer)
  3. Select option 2  -request bundle
  4. Enter beneficiary’s phone number (Note: Must be a registered GNAT member)
  5. Select the bundle package ( 25 or 50) factor charges and taxes
  6. Confirm your entries and submit your request
  7. Wait for a payment authorization alert to complete the payment process
  8. Enter your mobile money PIN and proceed with your purchase
  9. An SMS receipt from GNAT and your service provider will be sent to your phone to confirm your purchase.
  10. Congratulations, your account will be credited with your purchased data bundle

Notice to GNAT Bundle Users

  • Only ONE request per beneficiary is allowed. Double and multiple requests are NOT encouraged.
  • Any extra request shall be served at HALF the expected bundle.
  • All enquiries and complaints are to be directed to the support team via Telegram Chat at 0550 660 800 O Voice Calls and SMS to the number are NOT encouraged.
  • Disbursement COMPLAINTS lodged after the announced deadline will NOT be attended to.
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  1. GNAT bundle would ensure effective work in the classroom.
    It would help teachers to do thorough search in the net for important information in the teaching profession.

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