KMTC Admission Portal

KMTC Admission Portal

The KMTC Admission Portal is the official application portal used by the Kenyan Medical Training College for students admission. Applicants are adviced to check the KMTC courses and qualifications before submitting their applications on the online KMTC admission portal.

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Register and log in to KMTC admission portal

Follow these steps to register for an account to submit your application online with the KMTC admission portal:

  1. Visit the KMTC admission portal
  2. Fill out the registration form with your details (Username, Email, Password, confirm password)
  3. Click on the register button
  4. Confirm your data and check the accuracy
  5. An email will be sent to your email address with a link to verify your account.
  6. Log in to your email and access the link
  7. URL will be redirected to KMTC Portal
  8. Congratulations, your account is successfully created

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KMTC Application Process

You can submit your application for admission into the Kenyan Medical Training College with the following guidelines: 

  1. Visit the KMTC Admission Portal
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Visit the Applications link and click on the apply button
  4. Select the Option 1-course level (Diploma or Certificate)
  5. Type your preferred course to Search
  6. Select your desired option 1 course
  7. Fill out the form details as guided by the labels
  8. Tap on Submit Application button
  9. You will be redirected to Option 2 Form
  10. Select the course level (Diploma or Certificate)
  11. Type your preferred course to Search
  12. Select your desired option 2 course
  13. Fill out the form details as guided by the labels
  14. Click on the Submit Application button
  15. Upload a Scanned/ Soft copy of the following files & certificate:
    • KCSE certificate
    • National ID/ Birth Certificate/ Passport (front & back side)
  1. Click on the upload button for each selection
  2. Confirm Courses (Make sure the courses listed reflect your selected courses)
  3. Add the Reject button to change courses
  4. Once satisfied, Confirm Registration

Pay for KMTC admission form with M-Pesa

  • Get started with MPESA pay bill number 964150 (Confirm that the payment is paid to Kenya Medical Training College)
  • Click on the Confirm button
  • A pop-up message will appear (“Please pay Ksh. 2023 to pay bill number 96150 to Confirm the Courses”)

NB: Wait for up to ten minutes and refresh the page

  • A confirmation SMS will be sent to your phone number. (ie. phone number 1 during entering of personal information)
  • Click on My Applications to check applied courses

How to Enroll on KMTC admission with M-PESA

Use the following steps to enroll in the Kenya Medical Training College after payment of your commitment fee

  1. Go to M-PESA  
  2. Choose Lipa na M-PESA
  3. Choose the option PAY BILL
  4. Enter Business No. – 964150 and click OK
  5. Enter your Account Number – (This is your registration number) as it is in your admission letter
  6. Enter Amount – Ksh. 10,000 and click OK
  7. Enter your M-PESA PIN and click OK
  8. You will receive two SMS messages – one from KMTC and another from M-PESA
  9. Login to the Portal using your e-mail address
  10. Click on Online Enrolment
  11. Enter your M-PESA reference number e.g. OHI5Q241CJ and click search
  12. Confirm your Email Address. if not modify accordingly and click update email
  13. Your details will pop up including your name, registration number, and e-mail address among others
  14. Click on Enrol
  15. Click to Start the Enrolment process
  16. On the resulting window, click on Enroll Now

KMTC Application Deadline

The closing date for KMTC admission is 30 SEPTEMBER 2024.

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