Print GOGPayslip E-payslip Online

Print GOGPayslip E-payslip Online

The GOGpayslip platform was introduced by the Ghana controller and accounts general department (CAGD) to address the issues they faced with making government workers’ payslips available.  The ePayslip was not only introduced by CAGD for making payslips easily accessible but to only help track and correct all payment-related anomalies. Here are step by step guides on how to check and print your GOGpayslip online

How to Access Your GoGPayslip

  1. First visit the GOGPayslip Your E Payslip Login:
  2. Then Enter your Employee Number and Password to Log in.
  3. Then Select my payslip from your dashboard
  4. The system will automatically take you to your current payslip
  5. Select the month you want to view
  6. Afterwards Click on generate, then navigate to the Save or Print button located at the top of the page
  7. Finally, Click to save or print that month’s payslips summary.

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How to Download and Print GoGPayslip 

  1. First Visit the GOGPayslip Your E Payslip Login:
  2. Then Enter your Employee Number
  3. Enter your Password
  4. Input the code shown
  5. Then Select My Payslip from your dashboard
  6. Select the month you want and click on the print button to print

GoGPayslip Call Center Numbers

In case you have any issues with your GOGPayslip, you may contact any of the regional support contacts below.

  • Ashanti Region: 03220-22903
  • Brong-Ahafo Region: 0330-27269
  • Central Region: 03321-32551
  • Eastern Region: 03420-22571
  • Greater Accra Region: 0302-228721
  • Northern Region: 03720-22604
  • Upper-East Region: 03820-22213
  • Upper-West Region: 03920-22030
  • Volta Region: 03620-26271
  • Western Region: 03120-46007

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