UCC Cut Off Points

UCC Cut Off Points

UCC Cut Off Points 2024/2025. University of Cape Coast (UCC) is one of the top universities in Ghana, and every year, thousands of students apply for admission to various programs offered by the university. However, not every applicant can be admitted, and the university uses cut-off points to determine which applicants are eligible for admission. In this post, we will explore the UCC cut-off points, admission requirements 2024, and admission deadlines.

UCC Admission Deadline Date

The University of Cape Coast admission form for 2024/2025 is now available and registration will commence by April 2024. The closing date for the registration of UCC admission has been scheduled between June 30th to July 31st, 2024.

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UCC Admission Requirements 2024

Below are UCC General Admission Requirements

  1.  You must have credits in the THREE WASSCE/SSSCE Core Subjects (English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Science)
  2. Also Credit in THREE WASSCE/SSSCE Elective Subjects or its equivalent relevant to the chosen
    Programme with aggregate 24 or better (WASSCE: A1-C6/SSSCE A-D).

General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE)

  1. You must have passes in THREE Compulsory Subjects including English Language
  2. Passes in THREE Elective Subjects including Business Mathematics.

GCE/IGCSE (Cambridge) “A’ & /O’LEVELS/Mature Applicants

  1. You must have FIVE credits at the GOE/IGCSE O’ Level including English Language and Mathematics (or its approved equivalent),
  2. Passes in at least THREE (3) subjects at the Advanced Level/Three Credits in the case of mature applicants
  3. In addition, you must fulfill the appropriate Faculty or Departmental requirements

Advanced Business Certificate Examination (ABCE):

  1. You must have passes in THREE Compulsory Subjects plus THREE (3) Optional Subjects relevant to the Programme of study.

International Baccalaureate Holders

  1. International Baccalaureate holders should have a minimum of grade 4 at the Higher Level (HL) in Three (B) Subjects relevant to the Programme of choice
  2. Minimum of grade 5 in Chemistry for Health and Allied Sciences.
  3. For Engineering at least, grade 5 at the Higher level (HL) in Mathematics.
  4. In addition you must have a minimum of grade 4 in English Language and Mathematics at the Standard Level (SL) and at least grade C in a Science subject at the IGCSE.
  5. Applicants from French speaking Countries must provide a minimum of one year English Proficiency Certificate.

UCC Cut-off Points For Each Course.

Below are the UCC cut-off points for each course.

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)1515
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)1212
Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management)2020
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)2020
Bachelor of Commerce (Procurement & Supply Chain Management)1717
Bachelor of Commerce (Management)1717
B.A. (Social Sciences) Econs/Geo/Maths2525
B.A. (Population & Health)2626
B.A. (Anthropology)2828
B.A. (Geography & Regional Planning)1819
B.Sc. (Tourism Management)3232
B.Sc. (Hospitality Management)2020
B.A. (Arts)3333
B.A. (Communication Studies)1919
B.A. (Theatre Studies)2828
B.  Music2828
B.A. (African Studies)3030
B.A. (Linguistics)2626
B.A. (Film Studies)3333

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery

B.Sc.  (Fisheries & Aquatic Science)3033
B.Sc. (Biochemistry)1515
B.Sc. (Nursing)1111
B.Sc. (Environmental Science)2929
B.Sc. (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology)28 29
B.Sc. (Entomology & Wildlife).2828
B.Sc. (Biomedical  Science)1919
B.Sc. (Forensic Science)2525
B.Sc. (Information Technology)1919
B.Sc. (Computer Science)2121
B.Sc. (Optometry)1111
B.Sc. (Laboratory Technology)2020
B. Sc. (Medical Laboratory Technology)1515
B.Sc. (Chemistry)2727
B.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry)2323
B.Sc. (Water & Sanitation)2828
B.Sc. (Physics)2727
B.Sc. (Engineering Physics)2727
B.Sc. (Meteorology & Atmospheric Physics)2727
B.Sc. (Mathematics)2929
B.Sc. (Actuarial Science)1414
B.Sc. (Statistics)2727
B.Sc. (Mathematics with Economics)1919
B.Sc. (Mathematics & Statistics)2828
B.Sc. (Mathematics with Business)1919
B.Sc. (Agriculture)3233
B.Sc. (Agricultural Extension & Comm. Devt.)3030
B.Sc. (Agri-Business)2929
B.Sc. (Agro-Processing)3434
B.Sc. (Psychology)2020
B.ED. Home Economics (Food & Nutrition)3030
B.ED. Home Economics (Clothing & Textile)3030
B.ED. (Physical Education)3434
B.ED. (Social Sciences) Geo/Econs/History1414
B.ED. (Accounting)1313
B.ED. (Management)1516
B.ED. (Arts)1819
B.ED. (Social Studies)1819
B.ED.  (Basic Education)2324
B.ED. (Early Childhood Education)2525
B.ED. (Science)2323
B.ED. (Mathematics)1819
B.ED. (Computer Science)2828


UCC Contact Information

Accra Office

University of Cape Coast

Guest House

P. O. Box 5007

Accra-North Ghana

Phone: 0302-227565

Web: Accra Guest House

Academic Affairs

Email: [email protected]

Student Affairs

Phone: 03321-33707

Health Services

Phone: 03321-32447

Email: [email protected]

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