UEW Basic Education Entrance Exams Past Questions

UEW Basic Education Entrance Exams Past Questions

UEW Basic Education Entrance Exams Past Questions 2024/2025. The UEW mature entrance examination allows applicants above 25 years of age who applied for Admission into REGULAR and SANDWICH PROGRAMMES using the MATURED ENTRY MODE option to write an Online Entrance Examination on the UEW Vclass Portal.

In this post, will provide our readers with past questions for the UEW B.Ed Basic Education programme which can be used by applicants to prepare for the UEW 2024/2025 examination.

UEW Mature Entrance Exam Past Questions and Answers

1. The irregular and difficult passage of feaces is known as

A. Constipation

B. Assimilation

C. Indigestion

D. Egestion

2. Low IQ is closely associated with …………. Syndrome

A. Down

B. Hermaphrodite

C. Projeria

D. Tuner

3. The kind of education our parents, siblings, uncles, and other family members give us in our homes can be put under which type of Education?

A. Non-Formal Education

B. Ex formal Education

C. Informal Education

D. Formal Education

4. Which of the following best explains exceptional children

A. Children who are dull

B. Children who are brilliant

C. Children who are death, blind, and have intellectual disabilities

D. Children who are gifted and those with disabilities

5. What is the minimum qualification for a person to teach in a basic school in Ghana presently?

A. B.Ed

B. Ed.

C. 3-year Post Sec. Certificate

D. Bsc.

A typical training period for one to become a professional teacher lasts for a period of ……

A. 5

B. 4

C. 3

D. 2

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7. Which of the following bodies is at the Centre of the solar system?

A. Earth

B. Moon

C. Mars

D. Sun

8. The President was IMPRESSED with the front-line health workers’ effort to fight COVID-19.

A. deceived

B. pleased

C. calmed

D. moved

9. The ages of a man and his daughter sum up to 70 years. The ratio of their ages is 3:2. What is the age difference between the man and his daughter?

A. 21

B. 6

C. 14

D. 32

10. Which of the following is NOT a real number

A. 2

B. 1000008

11. Alaska is 20C colder than Tokyo. Tokyo is 5C, what is the temperature in Alaska?

A. -15

B. 25

C. 15

D. -25

12. In the social learning concept, children acquire knowledge through the following pattern:

A. Observation –imitation-behavior –modeling

B. Imitation-observation-behavior-modeling

C. Observation-modeling- imitation-behavior

D. Observation-imitation-modeling-behavior

13. The members of the association were just rounding ……………………….their discussion.

A. In

B. of

C. off

D. up

14. Everyone is advised to be COURTEOUS always.

A. kind

B. hard-working

C. punctual

D. mannerly

15. There will not be any food shortage again after the ……………………. harvest.

A. average

B. bumper

C. satisfactory

D. Vast

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When a marriage is registered with the Registrar Generals, it is regarded as ….

A. Council marriage

B. Christian marriage

C. Customary marriage

D. Marriage under the ordinance

17. What is the full meaning of the abbreviation FCUBE?

A. Free Compulsory Universities Biology Examinations

B. First Council for University Bachelors’ Education

C. Final Certificate of Universal Boys Examinations

D. Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education

18. Which of the following substances is salt?

A. HCl


C. NaCl

D. H2SO4

19. The basic force motivating the human organism according to Maslow is

A. safety and security needs

B. self-esteem

D. self-actualization

E. survival needs

20. How many lines of symmetry does a circle with a radius of 1cm have?

A. 2

B. 0

C. Infinite

D. 1

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21. Most doctors are CAUTIOUS in treating patients these days.

A. careful

B. friendly

C. experienced

D. good

22. In a contemporary Ghanaian school system, the phrase Upper Grade refers to

A. JHS 2 and JHS 3

B. JHS 1-JHs 3

C. Primary 4 to Primary 6

D. Primaries 5 and 6

23. Which of these factors make an individual tall or fat?

A. Congenital factors

B. Education and Religion

C. Genetic factors

D. Environmental factors

24. The leader of the delegation was commended for the manner in which he handled the matter, while hosts were………….

A. Sanctioned

B. applauded

C. praised

D. criticized


25. I stood …………………….the junction for almost half an hour thinking that he would return.

A. At

B. in

C. to

D. of

26. A load of 10 N is moved through a distance of 2 m. Calculate the work done.

A. 20 J

B. 5 J

C. 50 J

D. 10 J

27. y -2 4 10 16 …

A. 2x-4 = y

B. 5x = y

C. 2(x2) + 2 = y

D. 3x-5 = y

28. The study of the universe and how bodies in space relate to each other is called

A. Physiology

B. Astrology

C. Meteorology

D. Astronomy

29. The bad smell that comes out of a urinal is due to the presence of………….

A. Alkaline

B. Acid

C. Carbon dioxide.

D. Oxygen

30. Producers in an ecosystem are plants that

A. trap insects

B. attract insects

C. manufacture their own food

D. feed on other plants

31. The Board was asked to reach a compromise and not start another……………………………….

A. accusation

B. controversy

C. Issue

D. concession

32. A sector of a circle subtends an angle of 60°. If the circumference of the circle is 720cm, calculate the perimeter of the sector. [Take π as 22/7].

A. 55cm

B. 55cm

C. 09cm

D. 90cm

33. The constitution which demands special procedure other than ordinary law-making procedure is said to be

A. rigid constitution

B. flexible constitution

C. written constitution

D. unwritten constitution

34. Which of the following is synonymous with global warming………………..

A. desertification

B. greenhouse effect

C. environmental degradation

D. ozone layer depletion

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35. Which type of certificate is awarded to those who complete the Colleges of education in Ghana now?

A. Higher National Diploma (HND)

B. Certificate “A” (Cert. ‘A’)

C. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

D. Diploma in Education (Dip Ed)

36. Find the area of a sector of a 30m2 circle that subtends an angle of 90°.

A. 0 m2

B. 0 m2

C. 5 m2

D. 0 m2

37. How many different elements are present in the compound H2SO4?

A. 3

B. 6

C. 7

D. 2

38. Which of the following devices requires the use of transistors in its operation?

A. Electric heater

B. Computer

C. Microphone

D. Wall clock

39. The basic force motivating the human organism according to Maslow is

A. self-actualization

B. survival needs

C. safety and security needs

D. self esteem

40. Which of the following arrangements shows the correct order of increasing complexity of structures in living organisms?

A. cells → organs → tissues → systems

B. cells → systems → tissues → organs

C. cells → tissues → organs → systems

cells → tissues → systems →

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