Zimbabwe National Army

Zimbabwe National Army

Learn about the Zimbabwe National Army Recruitment procedure for the year 2024. This article will explore the eligibility criteria, the recruitment process, and the necessary documents required for the application.

Zimbabwe National Army Recruitment Process 2024

  1. Compose an application letter for enlistment in the Zimbabwe National Army
  2. Obtain a recommendation letter from your former headmaster or a community leader
  3. Submit the application letter, recommendation letter, and photocopies of documents to the address provided, or hand-deliver them to the District Administrator’s Offices, Formation Headquarters of the chosen Army Units, and Centers within your respective Provinces and Districts (Designated Location)

Your Letter Address

The Army Recruiting Office

Bag CY7720


Zimbabwe National Army Designated Location

  • Matabeleland North Province Headquarters 1 Infantry Brigade (Mzilikazi Barracks) Bulawayo telephone
    number (0292 209436)
  • Matabeleland South Province Headquarters Bulawayo District (Lookout Masuku Barracks) Bulawayo
    telephone number (0292 66687)
  • Mashonaland East Province Headquarters 2 Infantry Brigade (Kaguvi Barracks) Harare telephone number
    (0242 743446)
  • Manicaland Province Headquarters 3 Infantry Brigade (Herbert Chitepo Barracks) Mutare telephone
    number (02020 63002)
  • Masvingo Province Headquarters 4 Infantry Brigade (Gava Musungwa Zvinavashe Barracks) Masvingo
    telephone number (0392 263187)
  • Mashonaland West Province Headquarters Mechanised Brigade (Inkomo Barracks) telephone number
    (067 2192497)
  • Mashonaland Central Province Headquarters Artillery Brigade (Domboshava Barracks) telephone number
    0242 336372)
  • Midlands Province Headquarters 5 Infantry Brigade, Kwekwe telephone number (05525 70375)


  • The annual recruitment process typically occurs in September or October.
  • The selection process involves a series of tests, including aptitude, medical, physical, and psychological assessments. These evaluations ensure that candidates are not only physically fit but also mentally prepared for the challenges ahead

Required Documents for Zimbabwe Army Recruitment

When attending the recruitment process, make sure to bring the following documents;

  • Original birth certificate
  • National identity card
  • Academic certificates
  • Two passport-sized photos

Zimbabwe Army Eligibility Requirements

Here are the fundamental requirements you must meet to be considered for service;

  • Zimbabwean Citizenship: First and foremost, you must be a Zimbabwean citizen to join the ranks of the Zimbabwe National Army.
  • Age: Applicants should be between 18 and 22 years old, reflecting the youthful energy that characterizes this force.
  • Educational Qualifications: Aspiring soldiers should possess at least five Ordinary Level passes.
  • Physical and Mental Fitness: Physical and mental robustness are essential attributes for soldiers, and you will need to prove your fitness during the recruitment process.
  • Clean Criminal Record: A clean criminal record is mandatory to qualify for enlistment

Benefits and Rewards

Service in the Zimbabwe National Army offers a range of benefits and rewards, including:

  • Free accommodation: You will have access to housing facilities, easing the burden of finding a place to stay.
  • Medical care: Comprehensive healthcare coverage ensures you receive the medical attention you need.
  • Education: Opportunities for further education and skill development are available to soldiers.
  • Pension: You can look forward to a secure future with pension benefits

Zimbabwe National Army Contact Information

Directorate of Army Public Relations

P. Bag 7720, Causeway, Harare

+263 4 700316

[email protected]

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