Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Phones

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Phones

Below is a guide on how to select the Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Phones. Finding a good photo editing app for your android phone can sometimes be a tedious task to accomplish, especially when you are served with thousands of apps that promise to offer similar features, if not the same. In this post, I will walk you through some of the best photo editing for android phones. This list was compiled after spending almost a month experimenting with the over thousand photo editing apps on the android play store.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android phones

1. PicsArt Photo App

The power of the PicsArt photo app relies on its powerful layers and filters. Aside from this, it also provides users with real-time photo effects that work immediately after it’s applied. PicsArt also comes with in-built mask features which allow users to be able to draw on their phones. You can also make use of their special photo enhancer features to create portraits for your photos, apply skin tones, change the color of your hair, makeup, and more. It also comes with over 1000 background templates which you can use for your photos with a few clicks which is another plus for the PicsArt apps when it comes to ease of use.

The only downside of the PicsArt app is that the free version comes with the display of an ad which serves as a way of monetization for the team to help them keep working on this amazing app.  But to do away with ads in case you cannot stand them, you have the chance to subscribe to their premium version for  $11.99 a month or $55.99/per year.

2. Snapspeed App

The Snapspeed photo editing app is available for both Android and iPhone users. This photo editing app was created with the objective of providing a photo editing app for professional photographers who are always on the go.

The Snapspeed app is packed with a lot of features and tools such as collective editing brushes and many filters including Lens Blur, Retrolux, and Double Exposure. Another great aspect of this app is the ease of use, whether you are already in the photography business or you are just getting started, you can easily find your way around the app in a few minutes.

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3. PhotoDirector App

If you are looking for an app that is coupled with creative control and ease of use, then the PhotoDirector app is what you’ve been looking for. This app creates outstanding editing outputs that you wouldn’t have imagined. It is packed with rich features such as fixing blurry photos, increasing and decreasing of lightening, creating of moving pictures etc. It also has the ability to help you remove unwanted objects from your photos, adjust brightness, contrast among other things.

4. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor App

It is no doubt that adobe is one of the major names that pops up most often when discussions about photography are been held. The Adobe lightroom  photo editing app is one that is aimed at professional photographers due to it’s steep learning curve. The beautiful side of this app is that once you get a solid grasp of how to effectively use it, you will be opened to endless number of things you can use it for. This app comes with powerful adobe filters kits which allows users to apply filters of any kind to their photos.


Selecting an app for editing your photos shouldn’t be hard but one painful thing is downloading an app only to find out it doesn’t do half of what it’s description says it does. We have spent enough time making our research just to make sure all the apps listed in this article offer just what they say.


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