Best Websites to Convert PDF to Word

Best Websites to Convert PDF to Word

Best Websites to Convert PDF to Word.  PDF documents are read-only documents which users export to avoid modifications by others. PDF files can sometimes be used to collect information or have interactive features. These types of PDFs are called interactive PDF files. 

Users sometimes export their documents to pdf file types and later would want to make some modifications. This feature by default is not available in most document readers such users will have to use third-party software and applications to achieve this purpose. In this guide, we shall take a look at some of the best websites that allow users to convert PDF files to word documents.

Number one on our list is a web-based pdf to word convertor called Smallpdf. Small Pdf platform allows users to upload pdf files they want to convert onto their platform by clicking on an upload button and browsing to the location of the pdf file.  Smallpdf also allows users to export word documents, PowerPoint documents, and excel documents to pdf as well. One feature that interests me the most about the Smallpdf platform is the ability for users to also select pdf documents from their online drives such as google drive, dropbox etc. and convert them directly without having to download the files on their devices before uploading. This platform also has a premium version which offers a lot of other features such as compressing pdf files, merging and splitting pdf files, and pdf scanners among other useful things. But one thing you should know is that the free version allows you to work on just a single file for a day.


Second, on our list is another web-based platform called pdf2doc. Pdf2doc also has a few similarities with Smallpdf, especially when it comes to uploading a file. Unlike the Smallpdf platform, pdf2doc does not have a feature that allows users to upload documents from their online drive accounts such as google drive and dropbox.  But aside from this, the platform provides users with a ton of useful features like unlocking a protected pdf file, converting a pdf file to an image, crop pdf files, combining PDFs, and compressing PDFs among other useful functionalities. After converting your documents to your desired file format, you can click on the download button where a zip archive containing the file will be downloaded onto your device.

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The last platform on this list is ilovepdf. ilovepdf is also another web-based platform that allows users to convert documents from one file format to another. ilovepdf comes with a lot of feature-rich functionalities. ilovepdf allows users to click on the upload button to browse and select the file to be converted and click on the upload button. This platform offers endless possibilities when it comes to working with PDFs and other documents. Users can protect a PDF document with a password, compress pdf documents, merge and split pdf, convert pdf to an image and vice-versa. Users can also use this same platform to add watermarks to their pdf documents.


Working with PDF documents can sometimes be limiting but with the help of all these outlined online platforms, we hope you will enjoy working with pdf again.

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