Category A B C D Schools in Western Region

Category A B C D Schools in Western Region

Explore a list of Category A, B, C, D, and E Senior High Schools (SHS) located in the Western Region of Ghana. These schools have been organized in tables with the names of the schools and locations starting with a table of Category A schools as the first and Category E schools as last.

About Category A, B, C, D, and E Schools In Western Region

These Categories in the Western Region of Ghana are used by the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) to place students transiting from Junior High Schools (JHS) into Senior High Schools (SHS), Senior High Technical Schools (SHTS) and Technical/ Vocational Institutes (TVIs).

Category A B C D E Schools In Western Region 2024

Find a list of Senior High Schools (SHS) in the Western Region of Ghana in the table below;

List of Categories A Schools In Western Region

Archbishop Porter Girls Senior HighSekondi
St. John’s Senior HighSekondi
Sekondi CollegeSekondi
Takoradi Technical InstituteTakoradi
Kikam Technical InstituteKikam
Fijai Senior HighSekondi
Ghana Senior High TechnicalTakoradi

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List of Categories B Schools In Western Region

Adiembra Senior HighDiabene
Ahantaman Girls’ Senior HighSekondi-Ketan
Amenfiman Senior HighWasa Akropong
Benso Senior High TechnicalBenso
Bompeh Senior High TechnicalTakoradi
Daboase Senior High TechnicalDaboase
Esiama Senior High TechnicalEsiama
Half Assini Senior HighHalf Assini
Nsein Senior HighNsein – Axim
Shama Senior HighShama
St. Mary’s Boys Senior HighApowa
Tarkwa Senior HighTarkwa

 List of Categories C Schools In Western Region

Fiaseman Senior HighBankyim Tarkwa
Bonzo-Kaku Senior HighAwiebo
Gwiraman Community Senior HighBamianko
Methodist Senior HighSekondi
Axim Girls Senior HighAxim
Huni Valley Senior HighHuni Valley
Annor Adjaye Senior HighEzilibo
Asankrangwa Senior HighAsankrangwa
Asankrangwa Senior High TechnicalAsankrangwa
Diabene Senior High TechnicalDiabene
Mpohor Senior HighMpohor
Nkroful Agriculture Senior HighNkroful
Takoradi Senior HighTanokrom
Prestea Senior High TechnicalPrestea
Sankor Community Day SchoolSankor
St. Augustine’s Senior HighBogoso
Uthman Bin Affan Senior HighKamgbunli

List of Categories D Schools In Western Region

Mount Moriah Senior HighJames Town Opposite BNI
Western Senior High TechnicalSekondi
Ransbet Senior HighRansbet Senior High
Jabez CollegeTakoradi
Eagle Crest Senior HighOpon Valley
Golden Gate Senior HighKumasi-Shama
Church of Christ Senior HighAteiku

List of Categories E Schools In Western Region

Axim Community Development InstituteAxim, Agona – Elubo
Gladmond Vocational InstituteTakoradi
Holy Cross Technical InstituteSekondi
National Engineering CollegeGlobe St, Takoradi
Takoradi Community Development Vocational InstituteTimbod St, Takoradi
Takoradi Gratis CentreTakoradi
Tarkwa Community Development InstituteTarkwa
Methodist Vocational Training CentreTakoradi

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