Category A B C D Schools In Volta Region

Category A B C D Schools In Volta Region

Explore a list of Category A, B, C, D, and E Senior High Schools (SHS) located in the Volta Region of Ghana. These schools have been organized in tables with the names of the schools and locations starting with a table of Category A schools as the first and Category E schools as last.

About Category A, B, C, D and E Schools In Volta Region

These Categories in the Volta Region of Ghana are used by the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) to place students transiting from Junior High Schools (JHS) into Senior High Schools (SHS), Senior High Technical Schools (SHTS) and Technical/ Vocational Institutes (TVIs).

Category A B C D E Schools In Volta Region 2024

Below are the different categories and the school  in the Volta Region

List Of Schools In Category A In Volta Region

Mawuli SchoolHo
OLA Girls Senior HighHo
Keta Senior High TechnicalKeta
Bishop Herman CollegeKpando

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List Of Schools In Category B In Volta Region

Abutia Senior High TechnicalAbutia
Agate Community Senior HighAgate
Anlo Senior HighAnloga
Awudome Senior HighTsito
St. Mary’s Seminary And Senior HighLolobi
Tanyigbe Senior HighTanyigbe
Tongor Senior High TechnicalKpeve

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List Of Schools In Category C In Volta Region

St. Catherine Girls Senior HighAgbakope
Volta Senior HighDzita-Agbledomi
Weta Senior High TechnicalWeta
Tsiame Senior HighTsiame
Shia Senior High TechnicalShia
Mepe St. Kizito Senior High TechnicalMepe
Hohoe E.P. Senior HighHohoe
Jim Bourton Memorial Agricuture Senior HighLogba Adzokoe
Keta Business Senior HighKeta
Klikor Senior High TechnicalKlikor
Peki Senior High TechnicalPeki
Tsito Senior High TechnicalTsito
Vakpo Senior HighVakpo
Zion Senior HighAnloga
Ziope Senior HighZiope
Kpedze Senior HighKpedze
Kpeve Senior HighKpeve
Leklebi Senior HighLeklebi
Likpe Senior HighLikpe-Mate
Atiavi Senior High TechnicalAtiavi
Avatime Senior HighVane
Ave Senior HighAve-Dakpa
Avenor Senior HighAvenorkpeme
Aveyime Battor Senior High TechnicalAveyime – Battor
Anfoega Senior HighAnfoega
Anlo Afiadenyigba Senior HighAnlo Afiadenyigba
Anlo Awomefia Senior HighAnyako
Abor Senior HighAbor
Adaklu Senior HighAdaklu
Adidome Senior HighAdidome
Afadjato Senior High TechnicalGbledi-Gbogame
Taviefe Community Senior HighTaviefe
Three Town Senior HighDenu
St. Paul’s Senior High, DenuHatsukope/Denu
Vakpo Senior High TechnicalVakpo
Wovenu Senior High TechnicalTadzewu
Ve Community Senior HighVe-Koloenu
Volo Community Senior HighVolo
Afife Senior High TechnicalAfife
Sokode Senior High TechnicalSokode
Some Senior HighAgbozume
Agotime Senior HighKpetoe
Akatsi Senior High TechnicalAkatsi
Akome Senior High TechnicalAkome
Dabala Senior High TechnicalDabala
Battor Senior HighBattor
Akpafu Senior High TechnicalAkpafu
Alavanyo Senior High TechnicalAlavanyo-Kpeme
Dorfor Senior HighJuapong
Dzodze Penyi Senior HighDzodze
Dzolo Senior HighDzolo

List Of Schools In Category D In Volta Region

FD’S International Senior High TechnicalJuapong
St. Agatha Senior High/Advance CollegeHohoe
St. James Business CollegeDenu
Ziavi Community Senior HighHo Municipality
Bodada Presby Senior HighBodada Clinic
Amazing Love Senior HighDenu
St. Prosper CollegeHo
Human Factor Leadership Senior High4 Junction
Intellectuals Senior High, ChinderAlong Borae Chinderi Road
Dora Mem. Senior HighHo

List Of Schools In Category E In Volta Region

Dodzi Technical Vocational Institute
Botoku ICCES
Caring Sisters Vocational Training Institute
Weto Technical Institute
Some Technical Vocational Institute
International Needs Vocational Training Centre
Graduate Institute of Executive Development
Ho Community Development Vocational Institute
Ho Gratis Centre
Kedzi Vocational Technical Training Centre
Kete Krachi Community Development Technical Institute

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