Harambee SACCO Loan Form

Harambee SACCO Loan Form

Explore the Harambee SACCO Loan Form 2024 to apply for your Harambee Home Loan, Harambee Jenga Loan, Development, Emergency, Jisaidie or School Fees loan online with ease.

Harambee SACCO Loan Eligibility Requirements 2024

Creditworthiness is determined by the several factors below

  • Character: This refers to your credit history and whether you’ve consistently met your financial obligations. It’s crucial to have no defaults and to pay bills on time. Check your credit report regularly to ensure accuracy
  • Capacity: This assesses your ability to repay a loan. Lenders look at your income, employment history, and job stability to gauge if you can make timely payments
  • Collateral: This involves providing security for the loan, which can be through assets or guarantors. Collateral ensures repayment, and if you default, the lender can seize the collateral
  • Capital: This encompasses your assets, investments, and savings. Lenders want to see that you have enough capital to handle new credit and manage existing debt
  • Cash Flow: Lenders evaluate how much of your income remains after meeting debt obligations and expenses. Sufficient cash flow ensures you can comfortably repay a loan
  • Conditions: Lenders consider various factors like loan amount, interest, and purpose. They also assess external factors such as economic conditions and industry-specific legislation. The stability of employment is important for employed individuals

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How to Access Your Harambee SACCO Loan Form 2024

Follow the guidelines below to access your loan portal

  1. Visit the website via harambeesacco.com
  2. Click on the Member Portal button on the webpage
  3. Enter your Phone Number or Email Address
  4. Input your account Password
  5. Enter your Captcha code
  6. Then, click on the Login button to access your portal dashboard
  7. Now continue to apply for your preferred loan online

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Contact Information

Harambee Coop Plaza, Haile Selassie Avenue

Tel: +254 709 943 000

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