Higher Education Financing – HEF Portal

Higher Education Financing – HEF Portal

Access the Higher Education Financing – HEF Portal and log in with your email and password to apply for loans and scholarships. Register for an account if you are a first-time applicant with your KCSE Index Number and Examination Year with the guidelines in this post. Also, secure your scholarship for your education.

About Higher Education Financing -HEF Loans

Higher Education Financing (HEF) is a New funding Model introduced by the Higher Education Loans Board for the provision of loans and bursaries to students enrolled in Public and Private TVET Colleges and Universities.

New Funding Model[NFM] was unveiled on 3rd May 2023 to address the challenges that public universities and TVET colleges were enduring as a result of massive enrolment and inadequate funding.

This funding model is student-centered and loans and bursaries will be apportioned to students based on their assessed level of need. The universities and TVET will no longer receive bloc-funding in the form of capitation. The funding to students shall combine scholarships, loans, and household contributions on a graduated scale as determined by  Means Testing Instrument [MTI]. Students from highly needy and vulnerable backgrounds will pay nothing to colleges and universities.

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Higher Education Financing – HEF Application Requirements

Students interested in securing Higher Education Financing (HEF) loan must possess the following requirements;

  1. A valid email address
  2. Valid telephone number (must be registered in your name to apply for a loan)
  3. KCPE and KCSE index numbers and year of examination
  4. Passport size photo
  5. Copy of your National ID (for loan application)
  6. College/University admission letter
  7. Your parents’ registered telephone number
  8. Your parents’ national ID number
  9. Death certificate if any of your parents are deceased.
  10. Your birth certificate.
  11. Two guarantors’ (Can be your parents) ID numbers and registered telephone numbers (for loan application)
  12. Copy of the sponsorship letter if you were sponsored in Secondary school.

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Higher Education Financing Eligibility

The following students are eligible to apply for the Higher Education Financing – HEF Loan and scholarship;

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HEF Portal Registration Process

You are required first to create an account with these guidelines in order to log into the HEF portal and apply for Higher Education Financing loans and scholarships;

  • Visit the HEF Portal via www.portal.hef.co.ke
  • Click on the Register button
  • Fill out the form with the following details
  • Click on the Validate button
  • Wait for the system to validate your entries
  • Congratulations, an account activation link will be sent to your email
  • Log into your email and click the activation link to activate your HEF account.

Note: Students who did not receive their HEF activation email in their inbox should check their spam folder for the activation link.

You may read this detailed guide on how to fill out your HEF Loans and Scholarships application form and upload your documents online.

Higher Education Financing – HEF Portal Login

Follow these steps to log into your HEF portal account;

  • Visit the HEF Portal via www.portal.hef.co.ke
  • Enter your username and password used to create your account
  • Wait for the system to authenticate and redirect you to the dashboard

Higher Education Financing Activation Link

Send an email with your ID, email address, and phone number to [email protected]
If you didn’t receive an activation link for the Higher Education Financing (HEF) loans and scholarships account. The email should be the exact email used when creating your HEF account.

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Higher Education Financing Contact

Phone:  +254 207903331 / +254 746737935
Email: [email protected]
Website: ufb.go.ke

Click the link to join our telegram channel for timely updates

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  1. I lost the number l registered for kra pin and the password of the email l forgotten with but I created another email how can you help me please l went to the cyber and explained the case but they only gave me the admission letters and told me to disappear from them and the same email is what I gave the kuups how can you help me please the email here am giving you is the new l created.

  2. Please najaribu kuregister na inasemekana already I’d yangu imeregister account ingine kindly assist plz I will appreciate much

  3. Please najaribu kuregister na inasemekana already I’d yangu imeregister account yngu kindly assist plz I will appreciate thank you

  4. I applied for scholarship via the HEF portal and I have not received any activation link in my email so I can’t continue. I would be glad if you just send the activation link in my email.

  5. Hello, i have not received the email activation link please. I have checked both spam and promotion but nothing. Its 5 days now, am stranded I can’t continue with the application please. Kimdly assost by sending the email please

  6. I am Easter ,I registered on Sunday 14th august and I have not received my activation link. When I login, the system tells me that my email address does not exist in the system. Please help me because time is running out. My email address [email protected]


  8. Hello..what if I am required to edit some information I entered during application of scholarship and already submitted…what can I do??

  9. I am Easter Akinyi, I finished the whole application process and attached all the required documents but when I received an email from hef for my scholarship application form, I saw all the attached documents. but did not see my scholarship letter for high school yet I attached it during the application. Kindly assist me because the letter really plays an important role in the scholarship application process

  10. I have applied but it keeps telling me my details do not match what can I possibly do plz help aki I really need this and also the email user does not exist

  11. And why that this government funding has such a tiresome steps? What is the reason behind these? Unlike last year where fees will be paid automatically by the Gov’t. And I enquire you to make the system fast worker for easy application.

  12. Am a student who is joining university but am confused because of the one who applied for me scholarship did a mistake so I request you to reset the account so that I start a fresh please review my request. Thanks in advance

  13. Hello, I have not yet received any verification code sent to my parents numbers. Please help me out
    Father: 0716878604
    Mother: 0729899071

  14. Kindly assist,I haven’t received activation link yet and its not available in inbox or trash or spam.I have also reached out to contactcentre.helb.co.ke and there’s still no response.Kindly assist so that I can be able to proceed.Thanks

  15. What should I do after not seeing the activation link for 7days now have sent email with contact details still no assistance please help 😭

  16. The hef portal is not going through.they say I should wait for an hour so that they can validated my identification number since yesterday upto now

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