How to Buy ECG Prepaid Online

How to Buy ECG Prepaid Online

How to Buy ECG Prepaid Online. The Electricity of Company of Ghana (ECG) in its drive towards innovation and providing quality customer experience has launched an updated version of its prepaid credit purchasing app popularly called the ECG PowerApp. 

The new ECG mobile application allows customers to perform cashless transactions with ECG from anywhere without the need to visit an ECG vendor. In this post, we will learn how to buy ECG prepaid online with mobile money or Visa and Master card. We will also look at some benefits of using the ECG PowerApp and the ECG USSD shortcode used to buy ECG prepaid online.

Benefits of Using ECG PowerApp

With the ECG PowerAPP you can perform the following operations inside your account;

  1. Top-up credit for your smart meter
  2. Generate Payment Invoices
  3. Access your payment history
  4. Access to instant notifications and alerts
  5. Request for a refund
  6. Report and Issue or Submit Complaint

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Ways to Buy ECG Prepaid Online

ECG has provided customers with three (3) channels that can be used to top-up ECG prepaid online. These channels are;

  1. USSD Shortcode Service
  2. Mobile Money Wallet
  3. ECG PowerAPP

ECG Prepaid Shortcode

You can top-up your ECG smart meter by dialing the USSD shortcode *226# on your phone on all networks.

  1. Dial *226# on your mobile phone
  2. Select Option 1  (Top up Prepaid)
  3. Select Option 2 (Pay Bill )
  4. Input your Prepaid meter number
  5. Confirm the payment prompts to complete your transaction

How to Buy ECG Prepaid with Mobile Money

You can top-up your ECG prepaid using your mobile money wallet with these procedures;

  1. Dial the MTN Mobile Money Code –  *170# 
  2. Select Option 2 – (Pay Bill)
  3. Select Option 1 – (Utilities)
  4. Choose ECG from the list that appears
  5. Enter your Meter Account Number
  6. Authorize the payment to complete the process
  7. An SMS will be sent to your phone after a successful payment

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How to Buy ECG Prepaid with ECG PowerApp

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy your ECG prepaid credit online with the ECG PowerAPP;

  1. Download and install the ECG Power App on your smartphone (Android, IOS)
  2. Lunch the APP and create an account with your details if it is your first time
  3. You will be required to add your meter to the APP if it is your first time
  4. Click on the meters icon
  5. Click on the buy credit button for the selected meter
  6. Enter the amount you want to buy (Eg. 50.00)
  7. Click on the top-up button
  8. Select your payment method (my PowerApp Balance, Mobile Money, Bank Card)
  9. Follow procedures and authorize payment to complete the process
  10. Congratulations, your ECG meter should be topped-up successfully

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How to Add Your Meter to the ECG PowerApp Account

Customers are required to first add the ECG meter number to their ECG PowerApp account in order to be able to select the meter during the ECG prepaid top-up process.

  1. Open the ECG powerAPP on your smartphone
  2. Create an account and log in if it’s your first time
  3. Click on the Meters icon
  4. Click on Add Prepaid or Postpaid Meter depending on your meter type
  5. Enter your meter ID Number ( Eg. P201177001)
  6. Click on the Verify button
  7. Your meter information will be displayed for your review
  8. Click on the This is Correct button if all the details are correct
  9. Fill out the required details (House Name, Location, etc) to complete the process
  10. Your meter will now be available in your account
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