How to Check Edusave Balance

How to Check Edusave Balance

How to Check Edusave Balance. Edusave is a Government of Singapore education funding scheme under the management of the Ministry of Education that provides funding to students with Singaporean citizenship at the primary school and secondary school level.

An Edusave Account is opened automatically for all Singapore Citizen students through which funds are deposited from the start of primary school all through to secondary school. Students who are not enrolled in a Ministry of Education (MoE) funded school will receive funding from age 7 to 16.  In this article, we will assist you with guidelines on how to check your Edusave account balance online and other important information you need to know about Edusave.

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Edusave Funding Amount 2024

The amount of Edusave funds disbursed to a student is based on one’s level of study. Students in the primary school will receive an amount of $230 annually while those in the secondary school will receive $290.

How to Check My Child Edusave Account

Follow these steps to check your Edusave account balance online;

  • You will receive a statement of account by the end of March every year. This statement will show the Edusave transactions from February of the previous year to January of the current year.
  • To check your Edusave balance, you can call our 24-hour automated hotline at 6260 0777.


The balance in each Edusave account will earn interest pegged to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Ordinary Account which is currently at 2.5%. This interest is credited to the Edusave account in December of every year.

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How to Use Edusave Funds

Your child can use their Edusave funds for:

  • Enrichment programs organized by their schools.
  • 2nd-tier miscellaneous fees.
  • Miscellaneous fees for autonomous government and government-aided schools.
  • Personal learning devices in secondary schools, junior colleges, and Millennia Institute under the digital learning program organized by their schools.

Note: To use your child’s Edusave funds, you will need to submit the online Standing Order Form with either parent’s SingPass login.

If your child is studying in an independent or special education school, you should get and submit the completed ad-hoc withdrawal form, from your child’s school.

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