Joshua Nkomo Scholarship

Joshua Nkomo Scholarship

Explore the Joshua Nkomo Scholarship 2024 via applications.higherlifefoundation. Have your Feestuition costs, and related academic expenses paid for by the Joshua Nkomo Scholarship directly to your Universities, personal allowance is also included, etc.,

About Joshua Nkomo Scholarship

The Joshua Nkomo Scholarship was established as a tribute to Nkomo’s commitment to education. After Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980, there was a pressing need to rebuild the nation and provide educational opportunities for all citizens, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

The scholarship program was launched to address this need, with the primary goal of ensuring that talented and deserving students had access to quality education.

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Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Application Process

To log into your Joshua Nkomo Scholarship portal and apply, follow the steps below 

  1. Visit the Joshua Nkomo Scholarship website vis applications.higherlifefoundation
  2. Click on Apply Now under Joshua Nkomo Scholarship
  3. Then on the next page scroll down and click on Apply Now 
  4. Follow the instructions to complete your application form
  5. Upload your required documents
  6. Continue to submit your application online

Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Objectives

The Joshua Nkomo Scholarship program has several key objectives, these are 

  1. Equal Access to Education: The scholarship aims to level the playing field by providing financial support to students who might otherwise be unable to pursue higher education
  2. Fostering Excellence: It recognizes and rewards academic excellence, motivating students to strive for the highest standards of achievement
  3. Leadership Development: In line with Joshua Nkomo’s legacy, the scholarship seeks to nurture future leaders who will contribute positively to Zimbabwe’s development

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Eligible Candidates Required Documents

The Character Reference Form should be sent by registered mail to the Higherlife Foundation Office at Suite 5, Westgate House East, David Frost Way, Westgate Complex, Harare.

Impact on Zimbabwean Youth

Below are some of the ways in which the scholarship program has enriched the nation

  1. Access to Higher Education: The scholarship has opened doors to higher education for students who might otherwise have been unable to afford it, thereby increasing the pool of educated individuals in Zimbabwe
  2. Promoting Academic Excellence: By recognizing and rewarding academic excellence, the scholarship program has motivated students to strive for their best, raising the overall standard of education in the country
  3. Empowering Future Leaders: Many scholarship recipients have gone on to become influential leaders in various fields, including politics, business, and academia, contributing to the nation’s development
  4. Social Mobility: The scholarship has facilitated social mobility, allowing students from disadvantaged backgrounds to break the cycle of poverty through education

Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Contact Information

Suite 5, Westgate House East

David Frost Way, Westgate

Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: (+263) 772 222 922

Email: [email protected]

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