KUCCPS Diploma Courses and Requirements

KUCCPS Diploma Courses and Requirements

KUCCPS diploma courses. Here is a list of all available Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) diploma courses and how to apply for admission online using the KUCCPS student placement portal.

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List of KUCCPS Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Animal Production and Health Management
  2. Diploma in Animal Health
  3. Diploma in Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  4. Diploma in Refrigerator and Air-Conditioning
  5. Diploma in Water Technology
  6. Diploma in Welding and Fabrication
  7. Diploma In Information Science
  8. Diploma In Library & Information Studies
  9. Diploma In Library And Information Studies
  10. Diploma in Library Information Studies
  11. Diploma in Library Information Studies Level Six(Tvet-Cdacc)
  12. Diploma in Library And Information Science
  13. Diploma in Information Studies
  14. Diploma in Catering & Accommodation Management
  15. Diploma in Catering And Accommodation
  16. Diploma in Catering And Accommodation Management
  17. Diploma in Catering & Accommodation Operations
  18. Diploma in Housekeeping Management
  19. Diploma in Tour Guiding And Travels
  20. Diploma in Tourism And Hospitality Management
  21. Diploma in Tourism Management
  22. Diploma in Tour Guiding Management
  23. Diploma In Petroleum And Geoscience
  24. Diploma In Petroleum Management
  25. Diploma In Agriculture
  26. Diploma In General Agriculture
  27. Diploma In Agriculture, Human Ecology, And Consumer Science
  28. Diploma In General Agriculture
  29. Diploma In Horticulture
  30. Diploma In Agricultural Education And Extension
  31. Diploma In Agricultural Extension And Community Development
  32. Diploma In Agriculture And Biotechnology
  33. Diploma In Clothing & Textile
  34. Diploma In Clothing Technology
  35. Diploma In Fashion & Garment Making
  36. Diploma In Fashion Design & Clothing
  37. Diploma In Fashion Design & Clothing Technology
  38. Diploma In Fashion Design & Garment Making Technology
  39. Diploma In Fashion Design
  40. Diploma In Computer Studies
  41. Diploma In Computer Science
  42. Diploma In Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  43. Diploma In Information Technology
  44. Diploma In Certified Information Communication Technology
  45. Diploma In Applied Biology
  46. Diploma In Analytical Chemistry
  47. Diploma In Applied Statistics
  48. Diploma In Community Development and Social Work
  49. Diploma In Social Work & Community Development
  50. Diploma In Social Work And Community Development
  51. Diploma In Social Work & Community Development
  52. Diploma In Social Work And Community Development
  53. Diploma In Guidance And Counselling
  54. Diploma In Counselling Psychology
  55. Diploma In Community Development
  56. Diploma In Community Health
  57. Diploma In Pharmaceutical Technology
  58. Diploma In Medical Laboratory Sciences
  59. Diploma In Community Health & Hiv Management
  60. Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology
  61. Diploma In Food & Beverage
  62. Diploma In Food & Beverage Management
  63. Diploma In Food & Beverages Production
  64. Diploma In Food & Beverages Production, Sales  & Service Mgt.
  65. Diploma In Food and Beverage
  66. Diploma In Food and Beverage Management
  67. Diploma In Food and Beverage Production, Sales, and Services
  68. Diploma In Food and Beverages Production, Sales & Service Management.
  69. Diploma In Food Production-Culinary Level Six(Tvet-Cdacc)
  70. Diploma In Food Science Technology
  71. Diploma In Food Technology
  72. Diploma In Food Science And Processing Technology
  73. Diploma In Baking Technology
  74. Diploma In Catering And Accommodation Management
  75. Diploma in Environmental Science
  76. Diploma In Civil Engineering Technology
  77. Diploma In Civil Engineering
  78. Diploma In Civil Engineering Mod 1
  79. Diploma In Building And Civil Engineering
  80. Diploma In Civil Engineering
  81. Diploma In Building Technician (Cdacc)
  82. Diploma In Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  83. Diploma In Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Electronics Option)
  84. Diploma In Electrical Engineering
  85. Diploma In Automotive Engineering
  86. Diploma In Automotive Technology
  87. Diploma In Mechanical Engineering
  88. Diploma In Mechanical Engineering ( Plant)
  89. Diploma In Electrical (Telecommunication)
  90. Diploma In Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Telecommunication)
  91. Diploma In Electrical Electronics (Telecommunication)
  92. Diploma In Electrical & Electronics
  93. Diploma In Electrical & Electronics Level Six(Tivet)-Cdacc
  94. Diploma In Marketing
  95. Diploma In Sales And Marketing
  96. Diploma In Accountancy
  97. Diploma In Accounting & Finance
  98. Diploma In Accounting Technician
  99. Diploma In Project Management
  100. Diploma In Banking & Finance
  101. Diploma In In Supply Chain Management
  102. Diploma In Purchasing And Supplies Management
  103. Diploma In Supliles Chain Management
  104. Diploma In Supply chain Management
  105. Diploma In Business Management
  106. Diploma In Business Administration
  107. Diploma In Business Management
  108. Diploma In Child Care And Protection
  109. Diploma In Airport Operations

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