Explore the Namibian College Of Open Learning – NAMCOL Portal and log in with your Student Number and PIN to access all academic services online. The NAMCOL portal enables all recognized students of NAMCOL to complete important student activities such as online course registration, checking of results, accessing semester timetables, and logging into theNAMCOL eLearning Portal among other things. In this article, we will guide you on how to log into your NAMCOL Student Portal, activate your student email, reset your portal password etc.

Importance of the NAMCOL Portal

The NAMCOL Student Portal was created by the management of the Namibian College Of Open Learning to provide the following online services to students;

  • Online Application
  • Course Registration
  • Check Semester Results
  • Access Fees and Payments information
  • Request for Academic Transcript online
  • Lecturer Evaluation

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Ways to Access NAMCOL Portal

The Namibian College Of Open Learning student portal can be accessed in one of the two (2) ways below

  • Online NAMCOL Portal

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How to Log Into Your NAMCOL Portal

Students of the Namibian College Of Open Learning (NAMCOL) can log into their NAMCOL Student portal with the following steps;

  • Visit the NAMCOL Website at
  • Click on the Student Portal menu link
  • Enter your student Number and PIN on the next page
  • Click on the login button
  • Wait for the system to authenticate and redirect to the dashboard

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How to Access the NAMCOL ITS Mobile App

NAMCOL Students can also access their student services with the ITS Mobile App which can be downloaded from the mobile app store with these procedures;

  • Visit the Google Play Store at
  • Search for the keyword ITS Mobile App
  • Browse through the search results or click to download the ITS Mobile App directly
  • Follow the installation procedures to install the ITS app on your phone
  • Lunch the app and enter your Student Number and your myNAMCOL PIN
  • Click the Scan Registration information and scan the QR
  • The login page will be updated with the Namibian College Of Open Learning heading
  • Ensure your student number and PIN are filled
  • Click on the login button
  • Wait for the app to authenticate and log into the app
  • You can now complete your student activities from your ITS app 

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How to Activate your NAMCOL Student Email

As a Namibian College Of Open Learning – NAMCOL student, you are required to activate your student email which will be used for all academic activities with these steps;

  • To log into your NAMCOL student email account go to and click on sign in.
  • Enter your email address in the format [email protected] and click on the next button.
  • Enter the default password which is Stud#2024.
  • Click on the next button.
  • You will be prompted to update the password default password to a secured one.
  • Enter the password and verify the password you input.
  • Click on the Change password to complete your update

Important Password Guideline:

  • The password MUST contain a special character e.g. @,#,$,&,*, etc…
  • The password MUST contain a Capital letter
  • The password MUST contain a number
  • The password MUST be 8 characters long

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NAMCOL Online Registration Process

As a student of the Namibian College Of Open Learning, you are required to register for your courses on the NAMCOL portal at the beginning of every semester with the following steps;

  • Log into your online NAMCOL Portal with your Student Number and PIN
  • Click on the registration tab from the menu section
  • Click on the rules and regulations to read and click on I accept
  • Click on Submit Registration and follow the instructions on the page
  • Select Distance Learning as your tuition type from the list
  • Select personal as the method of study guide collection
  • Select your academic year and enter your programme name (eg. DECPPE or CECD)
  • Click on the search button
  • Click on the programme name from the list
  • Select your preferred study month (DEC-JAN)
  • Select your region or nearest regions (Eg. Khomas)
  • Select the subjects you would like to register for by ticking the box next to the subject
  • Click on the save and continue button
  • Verify the registration details and click on Continue to proceed with the registration
  • Verify the registration cost and click on Accept
  • Click on Proof of Registration to view the registration slip
  • Provide proof of registration and proof of payment when collecting materials at your nearest NAMCOL office

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NAMCOL Learner Support Contact Information

Click the link to join our telegram channel for timely updates

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