New Phone Brands That May Take Over The Smartphone Market

New Phone Brands That May Take Over The Smartphone Market

New Phone Brands That May Take Over The Smartphone Market. The competition in the smartphone market is one that isn’t dying any time soon especially with the massive rise of new smartphone manufacturers. Over the years we have seen top brands from companies like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei among others. In this article we would take a look at some of the new smart phone manufactures that are doing very well but are yet to be recognized.

1. Oppo Smart phones. Oppo, official known as Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp. is a top Chinese phone manufacturer that has been in the mobile phone business for more than a decade. Oppo is known for producing top flagship android phones  for the Asian, Middle East and African market. Aside smart phones, Oppo is also into manufacturing of smart watches and audio devices such as headsets and ear-buds. Unlike in the Asian market, Oppo is yet to gain enough ground in the African smart phone market. In all, Oppo smart phones are great especially their top flagships such as the OPPO Find X5 Series and OPPO Reno8 5G.

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2. Xiomi Smart phones. On our list again is another well known Chinese smartphone brand called Xiomi. Xiomi Corporation is one of China’s leading manufacturer of house hold consumable electronic device. Xiomi pronounced “shaomi” has been in the smartphone business since the sale of their first phone in 2011. Xiomi is arguably the leading mobile phone manufacturer in China even though they started of by only selling online. Xiomi phones are gradually taking over both the Asian and African Market especially with their Xiomi Redmi flagship line of phones. From my experience, One thing i really love about these phones is their battery strength and great display. Their camera’s are also outstanding when it comes to taking outstanding photos. Even though Xiomi isn’t known by a lot of people, one thing I have realize is those who have had their fair-share of using this phones always leave positive reviews. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra and Xiaomi 12 Lite are currently their high end phones for persons who want to have a real deal with the Xiomi phone brands.

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3. OnePlus Smart Phones.  OnePlus Technology Co. Ltd is another Chinese company which was founded in 20213 by former Oppo Vice-president. OnePlus is also a subsidiary of the Oppo  mobile Technology. Just like Oppo, OnePlus is also another popular phone manufacturer in the Chinese telecommunication market. OnePlus over the years has gained massive recognition by tech enthusiasts around the globe especially due to  their sleek designs. For a phone manufacturer that is less than 20years old, we can boldly say they are really moving faster than one could have imagine a new company to move. The have sold millions of their smartphones across china and the entire Asia since their lunch in 2013. OnePlus is also known for producing other wearables such as OnePlus smart watches, Earbuds, earphones among others. The also focus more on the future with majority of their phone supported by 5G network. The OnePlus N20 5G and OnePlus 10T 5G are some of their top flagship phones for the sleek phone lovers.


Most phone manufacturers are well known not because they are the best but because they have spent millions on publicity and advertisement. Just because a brand is popular does not mean its the best, take your time to explore the underworld of mobile technology and you will be wowed with some great innovations from some of these brands that ain’t well recognized.

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