SACCO Jobs In Kenya

SACCO Jobs In Kenya

If you’re interested in applying for a job at a SACCO company in Kenya 2024, there are various ways to go about it. Firstly, keep an eye on job boards or websites that list job vacancies for SACCOs. Secondly, network with professionals in the industry and attend job fairs or events that are related to the SACCO industry. Finally, apply directly to SACCOs that interest you by visiting their websites and checking for job openings. With these approaches, you’ll be able to increase your chances of successfully landing a job in the SACCO industry.


A SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative) is a unique type of cooperative society that offers financial services with a primary focus on mobilizing funds and providing affordable credit to its members.

Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) are democratic organizations where members collectively pool their resources. Members join voluntarily and participate actively in the decision-making process. SACCOs accept deposits, provide loans, and offer other financial services at reasonable interest rates. SACCOs originated in Germany in the 1870s and are now widespread globally with millions of individual members across various countries.

They are part of the World Council of Credit Unions, fostering a reciprocal relationship with member countries worldwide. In South Africa, SACCOs have evolved from social organizations to business-oriented cooperatives, addressing challenges related to viability and leadership over time.

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How to Find SACCO Jobs In Kenya 2024

Explore Online Job Portals: Peruse respected job platforms like MyJobMag for up-to-date listings of job opportunities within SACCOs. These portals typically feature a diverse array of vacancies, including those within the financial sector.

Browse Company Websites: Navigate to the official websites of SACCOs that pique your interest. Some SACCOs post available positions directly on their sites. Notable examples include Kenya Highlands Sacco Limited and Metropolitan National Sacco Ltd, both esteemed SACCOs in Kenya. Additionally, UN SACCO also presents career prospects on its platform.

Engage in Networking: Participate in industry events, workshops, and conferences centered around SACCOs. Establishing connections with professionals in the field can provide insights into job openings and facilitate connections with potential employers.

Join Professional Associations: Enroll in professional associations associated with SACCOs. These organizations frequently share job listings and offer valuable resources for advancing your career within the industry.

Apply Directly: Stay vigilant for job adverts in newspapers or online platforms. When you encounter a suitable position, submit your application directly to the respective SACCO.

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