Smart ID Online Application

Smart ID Online Application

Explore the South African Home Affairs Department’s new Smart ID which has been introduced to address some security issues over the years. The new Smart ID comes with a PDF417 type barcode and an optically variable device which makes it difficult to replicate and used for unauthorized activities. All citizens are required to visit the eHomeAffairs portal of the South African Home Affairs department to register and apply for the new Smart ID with the guidelines in this post.

Services Provided by the eHomeAffairs Platform

The South African Home Affairs portal (eHomeAffairs) allows citizens, permanent residents and foreigners to complete the following services online;

  • Submit ID and Passport applications online
  • Make online payments for applications
  • Make bookings where allowed

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Details Required for Smart ID Application

Persons applying for the Home Affairs issued smart ID are required to provide the following ;

  • Birth certificate (Passport for foreign nationals)
  • Affidavit document if your card is lost or stolen
  • Active phone number and email

eHomeAffairs Online Registration Procedures

South African Home Affairs Smart ID online application begins with creating your profile online on the eHomeAffairs portal with the following procedures;

  • Visit the Department of Home Affairs Website at
  • Click on the Smart ID menu option and follow the Apply Online Now link from the dropdown
  • Click on the registration button on the next page
  • Fill out the registration form with your details to create your profile
    • Full name
    • ID Number (NB: Use passport number or  birth certificate number if you don’t have an ID)
    • Date of birth
    • Email
    • Phone number
  • Enter the capture code in the input field and click on the next button
  • An OTP code will be sent to your phone via SMS
  • Enter the code in the input field and proceed with the registration.

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Home Affairs ID Application Online Login

Follow these steps to log into the Home Affairs ID application portal after successfully creating your online profile;

  • Visit the eHomeAffairs portal at
  • Enter your ID number as the username
  • Enter your password
  • Input the capture code in the capture field
  • Click on the logon button
  • Wait for the system to authenticate and redirect to the dashboard

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Smart ID Online Application Procedures

Follow these steps to apply for your home affairs ID application online using the ehomeaffairs portal;
  • Log into your Home Affairs online account via eHomeAffair Portal
  • Click on the Create New Application button
  • Select your preferred application type (ie. Myself or Minor)
  • Select your type of citizenship. (South African, Non-South African)
  • Enter your Firstname and Lastname
  • Click on the submit button to finalize your application or save it to resume editing later
  • Upload the required documents and click on the next button (NB: Required supporting documents will be listed on the page. )
  • Select your preferred payment method (ie. Bank or Card payment)
  • Proceed to make payment of R140.00 (NB: Please note that submitting a payment on eHomeAffairs is only an instruction to your bank. )

Important Notice

  • In order to complete the payment process you need to log on to your Internet banking to authorize the payment
  • A payment authorization process guide can be requested from your bank.
  • Once the payment has been authorized, note that the bank payment verification process must take place, which may take a few minutes.

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Home Affairs Online Booking for ID

Applicants are required to book a slot online for their biometrics to be captured at a Home Affairs office or a Home Affairs enabled bank once they complete their payment with the following guidelines;

  • Click on the Book Appointment button on your application
  • Select your preferred province from the dropdown
  • Select your city and suburb from dropdown as well
  • Select branch type as Bank
  • Select a branch from the list of available Home Affairs enabled banks
  • Select a date range and click on the get available timeslots button
  • A list of available slots will be loaded and displayed
  • Click on your preferred date and proceed to book your appointment. (NB: It’s not mandatory to book an appointment when visiting the Home Affairs office but instead a Home Affairs enabled bank)
  • Print your appointment confirmation letter.

Note: The barcoded confirmation Letter as well as your ID Book (if available) must be taken with you when going to the branch or bank office. After clicking on Download Confirmation, save the document to your PC or phone and open it with a PDF reader.


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