Tharaka University Student Portal

Tharaka University Student Portal

Discover the Tharaka University Student Portal and log in with your registration number and password to access all student services online. The student portal is a self-service portal developed by the university to enable students to complete important administrative and academic activities online without the need to visit the campus.

In this article, we will assist both new and returning students of Tharaka University with guidelines on how to register or log into the Tharaka University Student Portal. We will also explore how to register units online, how to check semester results, and book accommodation online among other vital student services.

Features of Tharaka University Student Portal

Below are a list of student services which can be accessed from your student portal account;

  • Online Unit Registration
  • Check academic results
  • Book accommodation online
  • Track fees and payment

How to log into Tharaka University Student Portal

As a Tharaka University student, you can log into your student portal with the following steps;

  • Visit the Tharaka University website at
  • Click on the portals menu link and select student portal from the drop-down list
  • On the page, enter your Registration number and Password (Note: Fresh students are to use their Birth certificate or ID number as the password. You are required to update your password to a secure one once you successfully log in. Your registration number can be found on your admission letter.)
  • Click on the login button and wait for your credentials to be authenticated
  • You will be automatically redirected to your student portal dashboard once everything works as expected

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Tharaka University Online Units Registration

To complete the Tharaka University online registration process, a student is required to register for the units he/she will be taking for the semester. All units you registered will appear under registered units. Follow these steps to register units online;

  • Log into your Tharaka University portal account with your registration number and password
  • Click on the unit registration link found on the left menu panel of your account
  • A list of all units you are required to register will be listed and pre-selected for you on the next page
  • Click on the register unit button to proceed with the registration
  • A preview of all the selected units will be displayed. Review the units and confirm your registration
  • Download the unit registration PDF to be used as a reference for unit registration

How to Check Your Result on the Tharaka University Portal

Students can check their academic results from the Tharaka University portal online with the following procedures;

  • Log into your Tharaka University portal account with your registration number and password
  • Click on the Exam Card link found on the left menu panel of your account
  • Select the academic year and semester from the list
  • Click on the view results button
  • Your results will be loaded and displayed on the page
  • Click on the print/download button to save a PDF copy of your result on your device

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Tharaka University Registration Guidelines for New Students

Fresh students who have successfully gained admission into Tharaka University are required to complete a mandatory  registration online using the following steps;

  • Visit the Tharaka University website at
  • Click on the portal link from the menu and select online application from the drop-down
  • Scroll to the admission letter section on the page and click on the login button
  • Click on the login button if you are a government-sponsored student or the apply button if you are a self-sponsored student
  • Enter all your required details in the form and upload all the necessary documents
  • Click on Proceed to complete the registration process

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Documents required for registration at Tharaka University

New students shall be required to upload original copies of the following documents during the registration process at Tharaka University;

  • Passport photo – a clear passport-sized photo is required
  • Scanned National ID – Kenyan applicants who are above 18 years of age only
  • Scanned Passport –  Non-Kenyan applicants only
  • Disability certificate – Only those who have some disability
  • Academic certificates – at least 2 academic certificates are required. Example KCPE & KCSE certificates.

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