Top I.T training schools in Ghana

Top I.T training schools in Ghana

Top IT training schools in Ghana and their courses. IT. training schools in Ghana over the years have done a very good job by providing effective training services to both students and workers in the industry space.

Most companies have transitioned from manual ways of working to using computers for almost anything that can be done with a computer. As part of equipping both students and workers with the needed expertise to use computers effectively, a lot of IT (Information technology)  training schools/centers have spanned out in the various parts of Ghana in the past decades.

In this article, we have outlined some top IT training schools in Ghana you may consider when enrolling for your next computer training course, be it a professional or a beginner who is looking to lunch a career in computing.

Top it training schools in Ghana and their courses

OpenLabs Ghana (Previously NIIT)

OpenLabs Ghana Programs

Diploma Courses
  1. Diploma in Software Development (1 year)
  2. Diploma in Network Administration (1 year)
  3. Diploma in Digital Design (1 year)
Certificate Courses
  1. Certificate in Graphic Design (6 months)
  2. Certificate in Management of Information Systems (5 months)
  3. Certificate in Microsoft Office Applications (3 months)
  4. Certificate in Data Analysis (5 months)
  5. Certificate in Python Programming (3 months)
  6. Certificate in Business Intelligence (3 months)
  7. Certificate in Robotics (3 months)
  8. Certificate in Full stack development (6 months)
  9. Certificate in Hardware and Networking (5 months)
  10. Certificate in Cyber Security (3 months)
  11. Certificate in Mobile Applications Development (3 months)
  12. Certificate in Web Development (5 months)
  13. Certificate in Digital Marketing (3 months)
  14. Certificate in Cloud Computing (3 months)
  15. Certificate in Routing and Switching (4 months)

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AIT-KACE (Kofi Annan IT Center)

  • Location(s): Accra,Sunyani, Bolgatanga
  • Contact(s): 233 302 679 543, 233 201 505 489, +233 201 505 407
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

AIT-KACE Programs

Regular Courses
  1. Certificate in Computing Infrastructure System and Security (3 months)
  2. Certificate in Multimedia and Animation (1 month)
  3. Certificate in Software Development
  4. Diploma In Business Computing – Big Data Analytics
Professional Courses
  1. Oracle Database
  2. Cyber Security And Malware Analytics (Reverse Engineering)
  3. Certificate In Cyber Attack And Preventive Techniques
  4. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  5. Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) (4 months)
  6. Network and Information Security (NIS)

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UniYAT Practical Institute

UniYAT Practical Institute Programs

Certificate Courses
  1. Certificate in Computer Basics and Office Admin
  2. Certificate in Graphics Design Video Editing and 3D Animation
  3. Certificate in Networking and Cyber Security
  4. Certificate in Software Engineering
  5. Certificate in Computer Hardware and Phone Technician
  6. Photography and Camera Techniques
  7. Sound Engineering
Diploma Courses
  1. Diploma in Design Technology
  2. Diploma in Hardware and Networking
  3. Diploma in Information Technology
  4. Diploma in Software Engineering
  5. Diploma in Digital Business and Social Media

Admin Telecom Academy

Admin Telecom Academy Programs

Professional Courses
  1. Certified Telecom And Networking Specialist
  2. Digital Microwave Transmission
  3. Project Management Applied To Fiber Optics
  4. Work At Height
  5. Drive Testing
  6. Site Power Installation
  7. Bts Installation (3g/4g Lte)
  8. Fiber Optics Technology
  9. Ethical Hacking
  10. Certified Fiber Optics Specialist/ Home

Codetrain Academy

  • Contact(s): +233 545 792 397
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Location: 6a Parsnip Street, American House East Legon


  1. Mobile App Development
  2. Full-stack Web Development

Blue Crest College


Certificate Courses
  1. Professional Certificate in Hardware and Networking
  2. Professional Certificate in Computer Applications
Degree Courses
  1. Bsc. Information Technology


IPMC Ghana

IPMC Courses

Short courses
  1. Certificate in Graphic Design (3 months)
  2. Certificate in Web development (3 months)
  3. Certificate in Hardware and Networking (3 months)
  4. Certificate in ministration (3 months)
  5. Certificate in Microsoft Power BI (2 months)
  6. Certificate in Social Media Marketing (1 month)
  7. Certificate in Microsoft Excel Intermediate (3 weeks)
  1. Diploma in Systems Engineering (1/2years)
  2. Diploma in Software Engineering (1/2years)
  3. Diploma in Database Technologies (1/2years)


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