TPRS Portal

TPRS Portal

The Gog Third-Party Reference System, TPRS Portal system enables Third Party Institutions to deduct loan repayments, insurance premiums, and other deductions from Government of Ghana (GOG) employees’ salaries. The purpose of the TPRS Portal is to streamline financial transactions by allowing third-party institutions to manage deductions directly from GOG employees’ paychecks.

How to Access TPRS Portal 2024

To log into your GOG Third-Party Reference System portal, follow the steps below 

  1. Visit the GOG Third-Party Reference System portal via
  2. Enter your Username into the space provided
  3. Input your login code
  4. Then click on the Login button

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Benefits of the Gog Third-Party Reference System

Benefits of utilizing the TPRS Portal for handling deductions from Government of Ghana (GOG) employees’ salaries

Enhanced Efficiency and Precision

  • The TPRS Portal streamlines the process of deducting loan repayments, insurance premiums, and other financial obligations from the payrolls of GOG employees. By automating these deductions, manual errors are reduced, ensuring accurate transactions


  • GOG employees can easily retrieve their financial records and review deductions via the E-GOGTPRS platform. This eliminates the necessity for physical office visits or the submission of paperwork for deduction processing

Increased Transparency

  • The portal promotes transparency by enabling employees to monitor their deductions in real time. This feature allows employees to confirm deducted amounts and ensure compliance with agreed-upon terms

Streamlined Centralized Management

  • Third-party institutions can efficiently oversee deductions through a centralized system. This simplifies record-keeping and guarantees consistency across various deduction categories

Enhanced Security

  • The TPRS Portal incorporates robust security measures to safeguard sensitive financial data. User authentication ensures that only authorized personnel can access the system, bolstering overall security

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GOG Third-Party Reference System Functionality

Below are the main functions of the GOG Third-Party Reference System

  • Deductions: It facilitates the deduction of various financial obligations, including loan payments and insurance premiums
  • E-GOGTPRS Platform: Users can access the E-GOGTPRS platform through the portal. This platform provides services such as GOG E-Payslips and other related features

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